Monday, June 29, 2009

Moving to a larger Space.

FarRightGirl has decided to try the world of Blog. It will allow FRG a larger forum space and an easier place to allow FarRightGirl Twitter followers to access links, interesting graphics from the net and in general more space to hold resources for Conservative sources. Rest assured FRG will continue to remain and maintain a place on Twitter namely because FRG's time is at a premium as is most folks today and Twitter lends itself to quick transmission of information. Blog will allow FRG to build a Library for Conservatism for FRG followers with ease of access and thus reducing the necessity of slogging through a lot of updates. Be patient as I begin to learn how to use this new medium. This blog will take some time to build. And at some time I hope to produce FRG regular editorials on timely topics. Remove Formatting from selection