Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Real Hard Choices

The current administration has constantly bragged they are making the hard choices. I disagree. They have been making the wrong choices and choices that have failed the world over. Europe and America are in an engineered economic spiral created by Obama and his fellow social marxists intent on reducing the former leaders in economic prosperity to third world countries with indentured servants rather than producers. Fortunately much of America's citizens have come to their senses and have seen the emperor has no cloths and have elected and injected some fresh blood into the system. While Obama continues to pilfer the public's pockets on his world vacation tour (Why would Asia do business with us when they already make and produce everything they need?). Our newly elected officials have to drag kicking and screaming the marxists still in office back from edge of the cliff. And to the few Dems clinging to their jobs after the obama tour just say no to Pelosi as minority leader if you want to keep your job. It's a shame her fellow citizens didn't see the light and kick her to the curb.

The real hard choices begin.

1. Facing the reality you can't get blood out of stone or taxes from the unemployed by taxing the employer.

2. Facing the reality that we can't afford obama care and we don't want government controlling our medical dollars. What we do want is government to stop overregulating the medical comunity to the point it makes it cost prohibitive to do business. Cut the paperwork,amend compensation for malpractice to reasonable. Single bills for single issues that involve reducing government regulations and strangulation of the medical field and insurance companies.

3. Face the reality that the marketplace needs to be the measure of a company. No more bail outs. No more farm subsidies. No more gov take overs of corp. Thatcher did this in England.

4. Term limits and job limits for all federal offices to return government to the world of public service and not a career field.

5. End lifetime benefits and pensions for all government workers.

6. Any legislator or president making over 250,000 a year will receive no salary, no benefits and no free airplane rides.

7. With today's technology teleconferencing will be the preferred mode for legislator's debates and votes. The only time they need to be in Washington is to be sworn in. We will also end world travel for Presidents as well. No reason for it. We do not need to impress anyone.

8. Presidents will have to seek aproval for all travel from the legislature and expenses made pubic record.

9. Any redundant offices will be eliminated. Legislators will not maintain Washington offices.
There will be meeting rooms that can be signed up for when Legislators are in Washington for swearing in ceremonies and functions.

10. No more free cars,parking,limos or planes. They get a tram pass in dc.

11. All federal offices will be closed save national defense and the IRS as we transition to a national 10 percent sales tax and eliminate income tax and all other taxes nationwide. All property taxes will be eliminated so that when someone has paid off their home or land they truely own it. This is not England. That is why we fought the Revolutionary War. States may have a sales tax of no more than 10 percent. Any tax increase at the State or Federal level has to come up for a public vote and have a specific purpose and time length. Food,RX,Fuel and housing are tax exempt. Charities and materials used for manufacture or resale are also tax exempt. All imported products will have a 10 percent import tax.

12. Defence of our own borders will be number one priority and all troops will be recalled to perform this task untill done before we assist other countries in their security again. The flow of illegal drugs and persons will be stopped and a temporary moratorium will be placed on any further new citizens.

13. All illegal aliens will be identified,background checked and if proof of employment and sponsor is provided will be allowed to remain as long as citizenship is completed. Anyone with record of illegal activities will be deported immediately.

14. Every one wishing to be president of the United States must provide a original birth certificate as proof of legal citizenship.

15. Every one wishing to be president of the United States must have served at least two years in the Military.

16. The savings from all streamlining of government will be collected and used to pay off all obligations to Social Security participants and Social Security will end. Welfare will end. Unemployment will end. Any other money made from selling closed government buildings and office equipment and the like will be used to pay off the trillion high debt. Once the debt is paid any other money will be evenly distributed to each American Citizen. The American dollar will return to the gold standard and the Federal Reserve will be closed.

17. There will be no taxes on gifts,inheritances,lotteries,savings,investments,stocks and bonds.

18. Make math and money management a big part of High School curiculums.

19. Eliminate all foreign country hand outs. Leave this to the private sector at the disgression of the public.

20. Eliminate all unions from the United States. Again just another corrupt marxist middleman to your money.

21 We will do no further business with foreign countries if the exchange of trade does not equal 50/50. If we want to cripple our enemies all we need to do is stop financing them with our trade.

22. We will develop all oil reserves and build refineries enough to be totally fuel independent. Thus increasing jobs, lowering domestic fuel costs and improving domestic auto sales.

By eliminating all but sales tax everyone pays based on the ability to spend. By returning all of our troops to home we reduce the costs of national defense. By defederalizing what should be local concerns under local control we reduce federal government costs and government conflict and redundancy. By forcing legislators to live and work in their communities makes them directly accountable and less costly. By eliminating all but sales tax, businesses will grow and people will have more money to spend and save and thus have no need for government hand outs. Why do we continue to go through a middle man with our own income?

Republicans who have been voted in listen up. You have not be placed in DC to play their game. You have not been placed there to negotiate with half wit intellectual academians with no grasp of real world economics. You have been placed there to stop them and clean up all their messes and nothing more. Be the man, be the boss we have your back....