Sunday, October 14, 2012

Why We Must Vote Obama out of Office

In four years Obama has managed to only make matters worse and his only defence is he needs more time.  The only thing he needs more time for is to finish his agenda of destroying America,the republic and converting her to a social marxist third world country.  Make no mistake he has no intentions of promoting prosperity.  He has been indoctrinated since birth by the key players in his life, his mother and real father Frank Marshall Davis a card carrying communist.  The new documentary now available on instant view on Netflix " Dreams of My Real Father" illustrates that point clearly.

Obama loves to talk of the middle class.  Substitute the real word.  The working class.  What he really means to do is to steal from the working class and give to those that we already support.  Those who have no intention of working although they are perfectly able.  He harps on Mitts reference of the 47 percent as if it includes those who are unable to work or who have paid into the government controled pension plan called social security.  That is further from the truth. 

Entitlement programs, grant moneys, stimulus money tax payer paid for all are given out by Obama as payoffs for votes and political support.  Chicago residents know all too well his criminal actions and intentions and his connections with unsavory violent people. 

When I found out that convicted felons in prison were given Pell Grants and Unemployment checks and they were pushing to allow them to vote I was livid.  Oh and by the way Pell Grants are also available to illegal aliens.  Anyone who has been interviewed that has worked in prison for more that 50 years will tell you that prisons for the most part hold folks that should be there and are far more dangerous harden criminals than they have ever seen.  Is it any wonder, since we have a nation of children devoid of God and raised by working single parents because of the wacked war on poverty instituted by the dems to weaken the poors ability to advance from poverty and possibly move into their neighborhoods. 
Obama's actions are straight out of the social marxist weather underground Saul Alinsky playbooks.
Obama and his wife and crew like to harp that folks who work hard that are minorities still don't succeed in America.  Well I think they both have done very well don't you?   Not to mention every immigrant who comes here that works hard always seems to prosper.  It is the folks that never wish to get off the entitlement programs and are content to sit at home on the public dole that don't prosper here in America.  Evey large company that you can think of was started by working class and often poor money straped folks who worked hard.  America's free republic and free market without the interference of government is what has allowed this opportunity for all.  But folks would have you believe otherwise.  It is nothing but in the words of Uncle Joe Biden just a bunch of stuff.
Class warfare is their tool to stir up the public to give them control over every aspect of our lives and every dollar that they make until we are all working for the state instead of ourselves.  This model does not work and every nation that has tried this has failed.  Russia,China both fell and both are practicing freemarket now and investing in gold to make gold their monetary standard.  The US dollar is no longer being used as the main trading currency in the world because it's deemed too unstable and worthless. 
Obama care is nothing more than another huge money grab of about 40 percent of our income. Do you think for a moment we will see any of it much like the joke that is Social Security that was placed into the general fund by LBJ a democrat so they could steal it and claim it was bankrupt now?  If you are not livid at the out right stealing of the working class incomes by the public dole communists that have taken over our government and our country you are just not awake.  You are asleep on the job.
Under Obama's watch every middle east country we had some diplomatic influence has now been given over to Hamas through the brother hood.  All the surrounding countries of Israel are now ready to achieve their dream of wiping our jewish brothers and sisters off the face of the planet.  And Obama claims to be friends with Israel's prime minister?  Yeah right.  I believe a guy whose worn a ring that reads in arabic Allah is the only God.  Give me a royal break.  The apology tour needs to end and we need to protect the only friend who believes in freedom in the Middle East.
And Obama continues to fight allowing us to be energy independent and supporting communist countries like Venezeula and China.  Did you know 3 bridge projects in America are going to be built by Chinese companies.  Talk about outsourcing american jobs? What do you Steel worker unionists think now of your candidate? The last drilling permits were granted by Bush in the Dakotas.  Their unemployment rate less than 4 percent and they are reruiting outside the state now to fill positions for workers.
Remember Bill I did not have sexual relations with that women Clinton said I feel your pain?  BS they cause our pain. Clinton's massive neglect and cutting of our defense capabilities and the signing of the Reinvestment Act intimidating and forcing banks to make loans to those who could not pay back those loans and dem Barney Frank created the economy we are suffering thru now.  It's time we kick these folks out and place them in the federal pen for the crimes of fraud and theft of this country and it's citizens.  The only reason it has not been done sooner is most in washington are in bed with these thugs and criminals.  
Clinton,Obama and Biden were all poor students who through quotas and communists with money and influence have been purchased and placed into power.  It is time we storm the steps of Washington and take this country back them and their handlers like our founding fathers all.
What we must do first is vote these criminals out of office.  If we don't do it just kiss this country goodby.  It is just that important.  We are at a crossroads to chose freedom over slavery to the state.  And believe me it is the last time we will have a choice.  These criminals are pulling every dirty Chicago way trick in the book like stopping military from voting,registering illegals,prison folk,dead people and telling people to vote more than once.  Volunteer to monitor or man voter sites and be a guardian of the vote.  Enforce and support id laws. 
Obama made very vague his Change theme.  Little did the foolish public and media who have continued not to investigate this criminal know that the change they had in mind is to destroy America and the Republic.  The enemy is within and it's time to cut this cancer out. 
Why must we vote Obama out of office.  We must if we want to preserve our freedom and our god given right to life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Wake up folks.  Turn Obama and Biden off and stop being lulled into their warm and fuzzys.  Vote for freedom,vote for prosperity,vote for smaller government, vote for proven successful business men Romney Ryan 2012.