Thursday, July 23, 2009

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True . . .

I heard the other day that Obama has been on television in the first 7 months of his presidency more than Bush did during his entire two terms. It makes me wonder just why he is trying to sell America on his agenda if clearly( based on public opinion polls) they just aren't interested.

The legislators are overwhelmed with calls, emails, faxes and snail mail from their constituency against passing Obama bills proposed and this lack of support is across party lines. Many bloggers I have come across have compared the latest TV push for Obamacare to a snake oil salesman's pitch. Maybe if a bill is really that good it wouldn't need the pitch. Maybe if they were simpler and tried to do one thing at a time it wouldn't be such a hard sell. Maybe if there wasn't such a rush to jump off the cliff before having time to see what was below there wouldn't be the push. Maybe they need to take a pause and actually read this tomb of over 1000 pages. You don't read a contract before you sign. The only thing transparent about the current administration is their need to push forward more government control over our lives and our wallets. Quite frankly I don't want anymore Obama TV.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reading Skills Program for Washington Politicians

As a citizen I am deeply, deeply concerned with the reading skills of our Congress, Senate and the President and his staff. I see a need for a reading and writing skills exam for all. Perhaps a program such as Hooked on Phonics could be purchased to improve their skills.
In their defence, Barney Frank is pictured here in his regular reading circle and I believe he has made it to the purple group after just one year of diligent practice.
Also President Obama has taken to regular magazine reading.
He has in fact purchased books for Congress to practice their reading skills. The new book series is written in easy to understand language and has positive stories to encourage reading.
I think they may be successful in creating that positive environment for literacy among those governing us in Washington. If you are interested in obtaining these books for your senators or congressmen check out the following website.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Was The Moon Landing Real?

Tin foilers have been pitching this ball for some time wanted to share a website fairly comprehensive on the topic. What do I believe? At this point I think I would like to do more research.

Hey The Tin Foilers May Be Right

The attention to Obama's natural born citizenship is beginning to gain momentum and coverage in more of the mainstream news and conservative talk radio shows. Could it be that his current drop in ratings are making impeachment look attractive to the Dem engine that put him into office? Could it be the news dogs are being abused themselves by the Obama admin and they are finally grabbing a clue? Folks are worried about who will run the country if he is removed. I would think all who participated in the fraud will be arrested as co conspirators and would be subject to prosecution and federal prison time. This would include the VP, the Senate, the Congress, the Obama Cabinet, Acorn etc. The military, like in Honduras, would be brought in to run things until new elections could be arranged. Well it would be one way to clean house and reduce the debt. We would no longer be paying for their benefits and salary. For more info from my favorite tin hats go to:

update 9/12

Term Limits for REAL Change

In the next national elections Americans have an opportunity to begin thinning the herd by voting everyone up for reelection out. That will be a good start. However, to really take back our government it is imperative that we elect individuals who are willing to present a bill for new term limits on all elected officials and make them permanent. Politics should not be a career and these lifetime benefits have to stop. Most career politicians are millionaires when they finally retire and really don't need these benefits we are paying. For those that serve limited terms they can participate in the social security contribution program and 401K programs just like those that voted them into office. They can continue with whatever private insurance they may have been using in the private sector through the Cobra plan just like the rest of us when we change jobs. Candidates must be from a variety of occupations and not just lawyers. Currently about 90 percent of those in DC have been or are lawyers. Another thing I would like to see is a two year interval vote for retention or firing of supreme court justices by the people and a maximum service of 8 years. These positions of final legal power definitely should not be lifetime positions. Government is by the people and for the people, not an elite class of folks removed from the real world. Check out the following websites:

Is Another Moon Mission Just a Tower of Babel?

Back in the 1960's the Apollo Space mission cost the American people 20 billion dollars back in the day when a dollar was worth a dollar. It too was a distraction for the American public so they would not pay attention to their government not providing our troops with the tools to win the war. Today's NASA budget is 20 Billion A YEAR. What does NASA do? Fix satellites in space, fix the Hubble, and send out remote rovers to Mars. Now some could make an argument that through the space program we have developed advanced technology.Here's comes the but. But considering today's lack of money, a new mission to the Moon is nothing but a tool to distract the American public once again from watching what the thugs in DC are doing and has no practical and earthly use. NASA if anything should be privatized and paid for by the satellite companies that use their services. Free market should determine the future of space exploration. NASA is our Tower of Babel and if it had been in the private sector these last 30 years it would have probably been shut down for lack of real product. By pushing NASA into the real world of business that demands results maybe real innovation and technological advancement could occur. I think it is real pathetic they are hauling out the old test pilots that maned the crates in space to promote reviving this dead horse. But hey, they are the same folks retreading HillaryCare and AlGore Environmental Terrorism.

Nobody cares for Obama Care

Given the choice the members of the Senate would not choose Obamacare over their current golden healthcare. The majority of the American people have voiced they don't want socialized medicine or Obamacare. Obama in the mean time is scared to death that he will fail to covert more power to the government over the American people's lives and he is playing hard ball with his folks to push his plan or he will dig dirt on them. And frankly he could do it with a rake. Even the dems are realizing the American people are not happy with the outcome of their speedy bills,spending of money we don't have,printing of more worthless dollars to cover and weekly half a million job loss we have had since they took over. They also know that we know Obama lies and lies to get his way, but the American People are not buying the lies anymore. Most folks are happy with the healthcare insurance they have now. Most Americans know that healthcare is not a right. America is about freedom and the right to make your own way to prosperity. The Elite don't like that. They don't want the common man to become one of them. It's scary. So now they are working hard through Obama to make this a colony once again. To make us slaves again. They will keep us healthy enough to work and when we can't work anymore they will let us die. It's that simple.

Health care reform needs a handful of changes. They would include the following:
1. Curb malpractice lawsuits to reasonable compensation. Eliminate class action suits.
2. Reduce the cost and hurdles for drug companies to approve a drug.
3. Give tax incentives to drug companies that develop cures even if they can't patent them.
4. Reduce and simplify government regulation & paperwork for insurance companies and hospitals.
5. Allow insurance companies to sell insurance packages that are ala carte. You pay for what you need.
6. Take social security funds out of the general fund. No longer pay out social security to people who did not pay in or have a spouse that paid into the fund.
7. Take the Tarp Money payback and place those funds into Social Security and Medicare funds.
8. Give tax breaks to retailers who create quick clinics with their pharmacies that offer Nurse Practician care for common issues that require simple care at a low cost.

These few changes would dramatically change the cost of healthcare insurance and make it affordable and available to all. And most of all it would keep the Feds out of our freedom and our lives.