Thursday, January 27, 2011

National Right to Work Bill Needs Your Support

Dear Concerned American,

They snickered when I said I came to the U.S. Senate to change Congress.

But their laughter stopped when I sponsored the National Right to Work Act to free U.S. workers from forced unionization and break Big Labor's multi-billion dollar political machine forever.

President Barack Obama and Big Labor allies in the Senate are now feverishly scheming to bury the National Right to Work Act without a vote.

So I have a question for you.

Will you be my sledgehammer?

Your signature on the petition to your Congressman and Senators is what is needed to bust through the opposition and force a vote on the National Right to Work Act.

This is an opportunity you and I cannot afford to miss.

As you know, the right to decide freely whether or not to join a union was taken away from American workers by Congress almost 75 years ago.

A result of back-room deals between union bosses and their tax-and-spend Congressional puppets, compulsory unionism provisions in federal law currently empower union officials to:
>>>Force nearly 11 million Americans to pay tribute to a union boss to get or keep a job ...

>>>Brazenly loot union treasuries to fund the election of their hand-picked political puppet candidates like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid ...

>>>Terrorize workers and communities with violent strikes -- where they get away with beatings, arson -- even murder.

The National Right to Work Act strikes at the foundations of the union bosses' power.

And here's the thing -- the National Right to Work Act is wildly popular with American voters.

In fact, for years polls have shown nearly 80% of Americans think it should be against the law to force workers to pay money to union bosses just to get or keep a job.

All you and I have to do is force an up-or-down roll call vote on the National Right to Work Act ... And the American people will do the rest.

Many Democrats and more than a few Republicans elected with Big Labor's over $1 billion in forced-dues political cash cower in fear of casting a vote against the National Right to Work Act.

What will they do when forced to vote?

It's a win-win situation -- either they pass the National Right to Work Act and free American workers or they pay in 2012.

It will be a marathon battle.

But I will not flinch in the face of opposition and insider attacks.

I believe, with your help, this is a fight we will win.

And I know it's a fight worth fighting.

You see, the union bosses fear a vote on the National Right to Work Act more than just about anything else.

They know it's a losing proposition for them whether the bill passes or not.

The fact is for decades union officials have schemed to seize billions of dollars from their "members" and then used it to elect their candidates to protect these privileges.

This is how Washington -- from Jimmy Carter to Ted Kennedy to Bill Clinton to Nancy Pelosi to Barack Obama -- got to be what it is today.

The National Right to Work Act will turn this entrenched, corrupt Washington order on its head.

Every year Big Labor siphons over $8 BILLION from workers' paychecks; mostly from workers who, if they refused to pay, would be fired from their jobs.

Union bosses take this eye-popping heap of dough to feed a lifestyle of limousines, penthouses and raw political power.

And, my friend, Big Labor's political corruption costs all of us:
*Hundreds of billions of dollars in bailouts and bloated government spending suck the life out of our economy, rewarding failed businesses like GM and letting union-boss featherbedding and rigged contracts rocket the cost of schools, hospitals and roads through the roof.

*Millions more good-paying jobs destroyed or driven overseas as union czars cripple America's bedrock industries with wasteful work rules, hate-the-boss propaganda and violent strikes.

*You and all Americans robbed of your wealth as the economy stays in recession and the price of cars, gasoline and groceries climbs upwards.

*Small businesses strangled with red tape and bureaucracy designed by greedy union flunkies to kill companies too small for so-called union "organizing."

That's why it's crucial you sign the petitions today and, if possible, make a generous contribution to the National Right to Work Committee.

It's clear that if the Committee is to rally the 80% of Americans who support this bill they will need your financial support.

The National Right to Work Committee isn't some Johnny-come-lately organization. They've been on the front lines opposing Big Labor for over fifty years.

The National Right to Work Committee is spearheading the effort to rally the American people, just as I am leading the fight here in the Senate.

Without your support for the National Right to Work Committee, we have little chance against Big Labor's money and power in Congress.

That's why I ask you to submit your signed petition, along with the most generous contribution you can afford to the National Right to Work Committee.

In order to pass the National Right to Work Act, the National Right to Work Committee has drawn up an aggressive plan of action:

***Mobilize up to 14 million Americans to stand up for freedom by signing petitions like the one I link to in this email. Only when politicians feel the heat of the people, will they see the light of truth. That's what I meant when I asked you to be my sledgehammer.

***Place full-page newspaper ads and launch intense internet campaigns coast to coast, reminding the American people what Big Labor's power costs all of us in out-of-control government spending, sky-high taxes, a seemingly endless recession, lost jobs and rising prices.

***Inform favorable columnists, talk show hosts and editorial writers nationwide to help mobilize public opinion.

***Run TV and radio ads targeting, if funding permits, wavering Congressmen and Senators in the days leading up to key committee and floor votes.

Without your financial support, this program will not be possible.

And without this program Big Labor will stop the National Right to Work Act in Congress.

It's that simple.

Every dollar the National Right to Work Committee receives comes from Americans like you -- working folks, shopkeepers, business owners, retirees, farmers, engineers, delivery drivers, homemakers, grandmothers and grandfathers. Not one penny of their funding comes from government.

Some friends have already given as much as $1000 or $500 to help this campaign get going. A special few have given even more.

Many others have sacrificially given $100, $50 or even just $25 -- whatever they could afford.

I do not know what you can afford to give today, but this is too important not to ask ... and I hope too important for you not to contribute.

After you sign your petition, will you please chip in with a generous contribution of $25, $50, $100 or even $500 or more to the National Right to Work Committee?

I know we can never hope to match Big Labor dollar-for-dollar. But we don't need to.

The American people overwhelmingly stand with you and me.

But the National Right to Work Committee must have the finances to reach out to the people and mobilize them in support of the National Right to Work Act. That's what it will take to beat Big Labor.

Your contribution of $50, $100 or $500 (or at least $25 or $35) along with your signed petition are key to our campaign.

Please do not delay signing the petition or think someone else will carry the load. I count on your support.


Rand Paul, M.D.
U.S. Senator

PS.Tea Party revolts and the election of real outsiders ready to shake up Congress means you and I have an historic opportunity to break the cycle of tax-and-spend, political corruption and out of control budgets caused by Big Labor's compulsory union power.

But we must strike now to make Congressmen and Senators choose between standing with the 80% of Americans who oppose forced unionism and Big Labor's multi-billion dollar political machine. It will be an epic, historic battle and your support is critical.

Please sign the petition to your Congressman and Senators and make your most generous contribution of $500 or $100 -- or at least $50 or $25 -- whatever you can afford today.
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pre State of the Union Address

Well the lefty media has been spinning for the last week that Obama's actions over the past two has saved America from an economic disaster. They spin his approval rating is back up to 50 percent because of his tingly up a leg speech at the not so thinly veiled political rally moment at the so called memorial service complete with T shirts. I ask again how stupid do they think we are folks. The only stupid people I see are in the legislature who are buying into the idea that we who voted in conservatives to stop this train to socialism care about bipartisanship and Kumbayah moments with the Marxist Socialists in power. The best statement these new folks can make is what I would do if I was representing myself in the grand hall and that is not show up at all to give respect to a poser and pathological liar. The only reason they are talking civility is they are running scared and they are reaching for straws to hang on to the power they covet and keep rolling their agenda of taking all the money we make and stuffing it into their pockets. They care nothing for you and me. Nothing. Hawaii vacations, lavish parties with Human Rights violators tell you anything folks? The only "civil" conservatives should be showing is civil disobedience. Make no mistake this is a fight and these folks are going to try to reinvent themselves and their image but the core of these folks has not changed and neither has their agenda. Their policies,agendas and people need to go and their lies and lawbreaking need to be exposed. I ask those that we voted in to boycott the address. If you feel compelled to attend don't sit with these folks that is showing agreement with their agenda. And I ask all Americans with half a brain to boycott watching or listening to the address to send a message that we do not support this poser or his agenda and we do not believe his spin or lies along with his crocodile tears. Record job losses, bank failures, home forclosures, bankrupties and overspending on credit cards at Christmas do not indicate an economic upturn. It does not take an economist to see this message on the wall. Just look at all of the fast food joints with their new and improved dollar menus and the number of sit down restaurant chains closing their doors or coming up with 10 dollar meals. Look at the jacked up prices on groceries and fuel and property taxes. Don't waste your time listening to lies in an effort to make yourself feel a little less scared. Get off your duff and follow up on those you voted in and tell them not to show up. Don't give this poser a platform. Don't help these folks. Represent us like you promised. Stop playing their game. Job one stop the train first.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why Does This One Issue Matter So Much?

The constant spector of doubt has followed Obama throughout his presidency. Is he a natural born citizen? Does he qualify and satisfy the basic requirements to hold the hightest office in the land. His supporters in the journalism field say surely if it were not true someone would have proved it otherwise ignoring the fact that Obama has spent millions of tax dollars on a team lawyers to prevent this issue from reaching trial and requiring him to produce an actual real original birth certificate.

A friend of mine was going on a cruise and told me he was going to make sure his passport was up to date. He told me in order to get one you had to fill out a lot of forms and supply them not only with the original birth certificate but the official papers filed with his state and it cost around 100 dollars because they also completed a background check confirming everything. HMMMM

The reason this issue is so important is how can we trust someone to hold the highest office in the land and weld that kind of power knowing they are willing to lie and deceive the American taxpayer on the smallest of requirements risking the laws , treaties and what not good bad or indifferent to be capable of being null and void when the truth comes out. This shows this person does not think the American people are too smart and not worthy of respect. It also shows that they think they are above the law of the land and they are entitled to the position without meeting the barest requirements. And I say anyone helping this person his also not a friend of America and also not worthy of holding any office.

How can we think this person really loves our country and it's peoples if they do not respect it? That is why this one issue is so important and hopefully will be finally addressed and answered in the next election.

Help Wanted: President of the United States

As election 2012 rapidly approaches I the employer of the United States President thought I would write my want ad for the position soon to be vacated by the dramatically unqualified and incompetent previous employee. The following is my ad.
Wanted. Candidate for the position of President of the United States of America.
Equal opportunity employer.
Military Experience perferred. If not would prefer they have children and or immediate family in the military. Duties will include Commander and Chief of all National Defense Services.
Small or Large Business experience with Management or Ownership duties preferred.
Good fiscal personal history preferred. In other words no history of bankrupties,tax dodges,liens, home foreclosures etc.
College not necessary but common sense preferred.
State College experience preferred over private college.
Must provide actual birth certificate for proof of citizenship.
Must pass a lie detector test when responding to personal history questions as related to their resume.
Must pass a drug and alcohol test.
Would prefer person of strong spiritual faith attending church regularly and praying daily. I trust a leader who spends most of their time on their knees to God.
Respects the right of American Citizens to be fully armed and ready to defend themselves , their homes and their country from enemies foreign and domestic. We love and respect our police and military but there is not enough of them to protect all of us 24/7, nor could we afford to pay for that kind of security.
Must have read and understood the founding father documents.
Understands the difference between a Republic and a Marxist government.
Believes the primary job of the President is to provide national defense and nothing more.
Returns the dollar back to the Gold standard and eliminates the federal reserve board and their power over our money and economy.
Eliminates all taxes except a federal and state sales tax of no more than 10 percent on all things bought and sold except, food,RX,fuel,housing and materials for resell. Any raising of send taxes would go to a public vote with a specific need spelled out and a time limit applied.
Believes foreign aid is best left to the private sector.
Believes domestic aid should be to the elderly in need,infirm in need,widows and orphans in need. Believes in eliminating unemployment pay and thus eliminates the costs of unemployment insurance payments for business thus allowing them to hire more people.
In turn without the crutch the unemployed will be quicker to return to the working world.
Believes that America should stop being the World police and closes half of the bases around the world and takes those troops to guard our borders and provide new economies and jobs for border towns across the US.
Must be proud of America, Americans, the Military,American products,God and Country.
Member of the boy or girl scouts,4H or YMCA would be a plus.
Grew up in a secure intact family themselves preferred.
Has a real world work history in the business sector and not in government or government subsided positions.
Believes the chief and only right Americans have is the right to freedom. All other things in our world we have the freedom to pursue for ourselves.
All those interested apply in person at your local office of elections.

Anne Francis Meets her Lord

For those regular to Farrightgirl blog and twitter space many have recognized the source of the art logo. It is a line drawing of the kitten with a whip Honey West as protrayed by the beloved actress Anne Francis. It is with heavy heart I have to let you know that the lovely inside and out Anne Francis has gone to be with our lord Jesus in Heaven early in this new year. Rest in Peace lovely Ms. Francis and comfort and prayers for her lovely family. Below is the official statement from her family.

January 2, 2011 Montecito, California - Born on September 16, 1930 in Ossining, NY Anne Francis passed away early this evening at the age of 80. With friends and family by her side she passed peacefully due to complications from a recent diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer; Anne had successfully battled Lung Cancer in 2007-08. She leaves behind 2 loving daughters; Maggie and Jane, son in law Rob and grandson Brian. Anne will be greatly missed by her friends and family as well as a world of admirers. Known to many for her outstanding performances as Honey West and for her role in the Forbidden Planet; countless movies and television programs for over 70 years she leaves behind a legacy. Aside from being a pioneer for women in television Anne was also the first single woman to adopt a baby (Maggie) in 1970; a true inspiration.

The family of Anne Francis would like to express its heartfelt thanks to the devoted friends and fans who have loved and supported Anne throughout her life. We miss our beloved Mom and Grandma, but we know she is with God, and all is well. We wish you all the best on your journey through life, and, as Anne would say, “Go well”.