Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pathetic Prop 19

The poster boy for why pot should not be legalized in California. I would say probably about 99 percent of Cali's urban population smokes pot. And anyone over 50 has smoked pot or is now smoking pot. And probably about 80 percent of those folks have tried harder drugs at some time in their lives. Why do I say this? Because you would have to be high and or wealthy from selling drugs to elect the brain trust they have running their local and state governments. Even their beloved poser and chief BO went on to cocaine.

This prop currently before the voters has been created by the local bought and paid for drug cartel controlled politicos. The cartels know that pot is the entrance drug for most to their most profitable harder drugs. Legalizing pot would encourage those afraid of the popo to buy pot and lead users to the harder drugs they sell. Taxes....we don't pay no stinking taxes. The Calis are being conned into thinking this would allow them to dig themselves out of their fiscal nightmare through taxing the stuff. Think again my high friend. That ain't going to happen. If anything your taxes will go higher to support increased law enforcement to handle the increase in crime,traffic accidents etc.

Heres some sites with the facts on pot.

As I have asked my twitter pals if you wouldn't want a surgeon on booze operating on you, or a mechanic with one to many beer working on your brakes why would you want a pot head either? Doesn't make good sense.

I grew up in Florida where buying pot was as easy as getting a gal of milk. 99 percent of my crew smoked pot, 100 percent went on to harder drugs. It ruined their lives in one form or another. It is an entrance drug to a world of addictions. Drug use is 99 percent the cause of all violent crimes in the state of Florida. Is this what you really want? Look at the results of the pot heads running DC. Vote No on legalizing poison. Vote no on Prop 19. Nough Said.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

10/2 Ed Union Socialist Rally

What if they paid people to attend a rally and nobody came. This was the case yesterday at the Ed Rally. This aerial taken at the peak of the rally because the front audience group at the Lincoln memorial was still full. By 2:30PM many had lost interest and left I presume to take avantage of the free trip to tour DC. By the end of the show at 4:40PM when they brought in the funk with Grover Cleveland dressed in military and camo garb (poor taste) the people had all but left. The crowds were a mix of every trade union known in the US,various Marxist socialist groups,Dem party activist groups, and a few DC unemployed. Not a racially mixed group as well. The bulk of those attending were African American. The few caucasians in the group were primarily on the stage as organizers,radio talk hosts and union leaders. A sprinkling of racist Hispanics showed up from La Raza to promote their agenda of harboring law breaking illegals and ethnically cleansing America of Europeans and African Americans. Ironic yes?

SEIU as other unions were well represented.

My favorite picture of a thousand words is the aftermath photos. These folks only leave devastation in their wake.

The far left and racist and union groups that attended the rally.

American Federation of Teachers
Center for Community Change
Green for All
National Council of La Raza
Rainbow PUSH Coalition
SEIU: Service Employees International Union
UAW, International Union
Alliance for Democracy
Campaign for America’s Future
Campaign for Peace and Democracy
Campus Progress
Chicago Democratic Socialists of America
Code Pink
Color of
Communist Party USA (CPUSA)
Democratic Socialists of America
Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN)
Gray Panthers
Human Rights Campaign
International Socialist Organization
National Education Association
National Urban League
Planned Parenthood
United Steel Workers
Working Families Party
Ya Ya Network

The organizers of this Dog and Pony show dug up a native american descent former comic writer from the Rozanne Show to represent native americans. And they killed two minorities at once with an asia gay man that went over like a lead balloon wth the primarily african american audience. (Homosexuality still very taboo in the African American and Hispanic communities.)

When you compare the aerial of the Ed Rally at the top of this article with the Restoring America rally above this paragraph there is an obvious observation that can be made. Even if they pay people to follow the left they will not follow for long. The real patriot, the real citizen of America will show up to fight for freedom anytime,anyplace and the far left had better be prepared to live in a free country or catch a flight to Cuba.

Over all the rally seemed to be nothing more than a union rally and a disorganized one at that for a group of seasoned community organizers. It was a pathetic display of despiration of elitist thugs sucking off the tit of hard working Americans knowing their gravey train is about to end. I hope this event served as an education for the public and the liberal press that they shouldn't hook their wagon to this disfunctional bloodsucking star.

Tru that..