Monday, August 31, 2009

ColdWar Within

It's not surprising that today's generation has forgotten the Red Menace so much so they are falling for the lure of free stuff with no effort they are told and paternalism by their government. Williness to relinquist control in return for what amounts to no more than a feudal society is a frightening reality if we do not educate the population that is too young to know or remember the basics of the king serf existance.

Check out the following websites for a Reality check.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Government Reform Act 2009

With all the talk about the ever changing labeling of Obama's government healthcare control program from Obamacare to Heathinsurance Reform to now Kennedy in Memorial Healthcare in leiu of flowers program I began to think we conservatives need a slogan too. Our new slogan needs to be Government Reform Bill.

Of course that requires clear points that can be placed in the bill for reform. I thought of a few. No where near 1000 pages though.

1. Term Limits and Job limits. No more than two terms and no more than two Legislative or Executive branch jobs.

2. Bill Reform. Bills can be no longer than 1 single sided page.

3. Every presidential candidate must present an original birth certificate.

5. Every presidential candidate must have served in the military for at least 3 years.

6. Term limits for Supreme Court Judges.

7. All taxes will be eliminated except a flat federal sales tax of 10 percent on everything but food,drugs,fuel,housing and things for resale. Any increase will come to a public vote and will be for a term of need.

8. Social Security money's will be placed in a lock box and no one who has not put in will be able to take out.

9. National defense will be the leading priority of the Federal Government and the largest part of the budget.

10. A thousand signature petition will initate a call back vote for legislators and presidents by the voters should a representative prove to be unable to do the job they were sent for.
11. Any Federal politician who has an income of $250,000 dollars or more separate and apart from potential salary and benefits will be denied taxpayer supplied salary and benefits until the national debt is eliminated and a balanced budget is achieved while still maintaining the only mandate of the Federal government to protect our borders and supply national defense.
12. No president will have any authority except that which is given by the Constitution.
13. Executive Orders will be recinded permanently as it is in violation of the Constitution.

Can you think of few more? Go for it.