Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rachel Maddow Says the Republican Party has Diversity

I was watching the Rachel the other day. Yes I watch Rachel. Broke another stereotype didn't I for you?.... And she laughed that the Republican Party had diverse points of view within the party and they needed to decide where they wanted to be. Somehow I don't think that's really the point. The problem with the Democratic Party is that they have eliminated any diversity of opinion or values. It has if anything made the Republican Party what it originally was a party of the people at large. The party has become filled with Tea Party folk, minorities, folks with diverse lifestyles and faith, disenfranchised Democrats,Liberatarians,Environmentalists,Independents you name it they are now in the party. But they do seem to have all united for one main goal and that is to unseat the current regime that wishes to eliminate the very country and idea of independence we all love and enjoy. We don't wish to be a part of the European Union or the UN or give away our resources and authority to a body of countries that hate us and want to see us fail. A true successful free Republic just makes these collection of old world countries look bad. And frankly they haven't liked it. They hate to have to ask us to bail them out financially or help them put down an invader or dictator run amuck. They don't have the resources to do it on their own. But because of our free society, our free enterprise system, our true representational government we can. Folks have come to realize that the promises made by the present administration are empty and bankrupt. They've come to realize that they have been merely a disguised trojan horse of the old world to cripple our greatest strength as a nation. Our greatest strength is our freedom.

The current admin can't defend the failure of their actions to help America because they are designed to just that cause America to fail. So they continue to ridicule the true Americans and the American Ideal and the blind sheeple that still buy into their diverson their misdirection blindly follow along like a pinball wizard in Tommy. But, it is getting more and more embarrassing for them as they sling words like Racist,Oportunist,Greedy,Corp. thugs,the Rich,birthers,truthers,etc when the party members and candidates walking by look more diverse then the shouters.

I think finally most folks are realizing that they really love this country as they see Sharia Law taking over the old world and folks that just don't fit the class structure losing their lives or living as slaves. I think many Dems are finding out that "Crazy" old Zell Miller was right.

I have confidence that the American people will see and smell the old Jackass dying in the room and step over it to board the elephant who has remembered who he is and not forgotten them or what it meets to be a Republic.

I hear a lot from folks immigrated from old world countries telling me many Americans just can't see what is coming because they have never gone through what they have. They are the most afraid. They say where will I have left to go for freedom? I think Americans are waking up and the united call has become rid capital hill of this insidious infestation and take back our home.

Yes the Republican Party is made up of a diverse group of individuals, but they do have one goal. Rid the beltway of the current adminstration and clean the house for freedom.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Remembering Mama

FRG marks five years since the loss of the greatest influence on her life and that is her Mama. After 15 long years of fighting many forms of cancer the Lord took her home and I finally understood what the followers of Christ felt when he left them.

Every mother's day and mama's birthday I always wanted to show her how much I loved her and appreciated her for choosing to be my mama. She gave me a love and appreciation for art and beauty in our world, a love of and personal relationship with God,optimism in the future and self confidence. But most importantly she gave me a burning desire to leave the world a better place than what I found it.

She never took any meeting with any stranger as chance but a divine moment ordained by God and one not to be wasted. She became a quiet listener to every lonely soul's aspirations,worries and concerns and a cheerleader to everyone's dreams. She poured out her spirit of unconditional love like a balm for a weary world. It was no surprise that even after spending her later years more homebound that she still filled the large room at the local funeral parlor with heartbroken friends and acquaintances. Not ever aware of all the lives she touched she would have been surprised.

This mother's day remember your mama. Love on her. Hold her hand and hug her. For all too soon this time will slip a way. The thing I look forward to when I am called up yonder is not only the greeting of St. Peter but getting that warm embrace like no other from that precious soul my mama.