Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What's for Lunch?

Currently our beloved regulate your lives government is looking at and probably making more complicated then it needs to be our school lunch programs across the country. One comment I took to heart was an obvious show of frustration from a school lunch provider in a school district of the complexity of rules, money allocations,supplier hurdles created by government red tape at the local and national level. The bottom line is we as Americans want to provide a healthy school lunch at an affordable cost for our children so that they have the nutrition in their little bodies that allows them to learn and at the same time does not turn them into future obese adults.
The solution is very simple. All school districts throughout the United States operate as a collective business like Walmart or McDonalds. Come up with a selection of menu meal plans and the specific need for products and approach manufacturers with the standardized needs for said products and buy as a giant buying consortium. IE fresh flash frozen vegetables could be bought in bulk through Birds Eye. Organic free range grass fed Beef and or Buffalo Meat and chicken bought from one supplier. Canned fruit in it's own juices bought in bulk from Dole. Fresh Citrus Fruit bought through Florida and California fruit growers. Whole grain Breads through bakeries like Arnolds, or Pepperidge Farms,Protein whole grain pasta's and organic sauces from suppliers like Barilla, Cow and Soy Milk products from organic farmers. We set a national standard of low sugar,no corn syrup, no corn fed animals,whole grains,and organic dye free products. If we can offer tax incentives from the federal government for these manufacturers who assist in providing these products to these standards would be of great help in negotiations. Even schools without cooking from stratch facilities can approach a company like Chef Boyardee to design products using these healthier ingredients. By combining all districts together they can present a huge buying consortium and thus negotiate on price and quality.
The second thing to do is remove all standard vending machines out of schools. If a school insists on a vending machines it can contain only those choices that reflect the health of the school lunch programs. IE bottled waters without sugar,milk reg and soy,50/50 organic juice boxs with no corn syrup,Kashi brand like snacks that involve whole grains,fresh fruit,fresh vegetable snacks,grass fed organic meat jerkies,naturally sweetened fruit yogurts etc.
Choices should be limited for children. Children will choose the sugary, the unhealthy choices by nature. We as adults need to make the choices for them so that each generation gets healthier. We need to help children's palets to develope a taste for healthier foods.
The Feds could meet with the heads of each state and a consortium of potential suppliers based on these goals (like Kashi) and present to them the buying power of a nationwide collective of school districts. Every 2 years or so they would meet again to discuss what works and what doesn't work and what new things they may wish to purchase as tastes and needs change based on feedback from the school districts and student reaction to product tastes,choices and flavors. Menus could be designed to include many food choices from popular food selections like Mac and Cheese, Chicken Nuggets,Pizza, Hamburgers,french fries, using healthier food content like protein whole grain pasta with lower fat cheeses etc.
Approach this need like more of a fast food business and we can achieve a better more fiscally sound school lunch program with higher nutritional value.
States like California, Florida, New York, Texas etc with large immigrant populations have the most demand on their programs due to the high need for assisted lunch programs for these low income families. These high number states would increase the buying power of the those districts with low populations that normally would not have the buying power. Not only the school lunch, but before and after school feeding programs could also join in with this consortium and eliminate duplication of administrative costs of said programs.
In the long run we will impact not only the children but also the families by teaching the young healthier eating choices. When mom or dad goes down the grocery aisle and the child asks for a bag of apples rather than a bag of chips a whole family can be impacted for the good of all the nation. The more families choose heathier food choices the lower all healthier foods will go in price and become accessible for all in the American family pantry.
In response to recent comment. 01/01
Running as a collective as a city or state is not large enough of a collective to have any bargaining power.
City corruption and cronism is a constant problem when multiplied by far too many executive and middle administrators. Operating as a collective nationwide with requests for products from each school coming from the person actually responsible for direct distribution eliminates this redundency of administrative middleman and salaries. Those persons would present their needs to one state representative who then takes those requests to the Federal coordinator. This eliminates duplication and reduces opportunity for wasted and misdirected city and or state funds. By establishing fewer administrators we also lower costs of product purchasing and devote more dollars to the funds for quality food.

Also I can see a need for creating an advisory board made up of folks from the business world like McDonalds and Walmart who have used volume wholesale buying clout to enable them to dictate to suppliers price point and production specs of products needed. By utilizing the profit motivated knowledge developed in the private sector public servants learn to operate government operations in a more fiscally responsible and business like model.

From an article in Amber Waves

USDA support is intended to cover much of the cost of providing NSLP lunches, and most of it is in the form of cash reimbursement for meals served. In 2007-08, USDA reimbursed schools $2.47 for each free lunch served, $2.07 for each reduced-price lunch, and $0.23 for each paid lunch (see box, “The National School Lunch Program Feeds More Children in a Day Than McDonald’s”). Basic Federal reimbursement rates are the same for all school districts across the country except in Hawaii and Alaska, which have higher rates to compensate for higher food prices in those States. Rates are also 2 cents more in districts where at least 60 percent of school meals are served free or at a reduced price. Reimbursement rates are adjusted by the Consumer Price Index for Food Away from Home for Urban Consumers once a year for inflation.

Federal Government contributions to the NSLP were $8.7 billion in 2007, with $7.7 billion in cash payments and $1.04 billion in commodity donations.

USDA also donates commodities to States to use in school lunches. In FY 2007, the commodities given to schools were worth 17 cents per meal for a total of $1.04 billion. Donation amounts vary per year, depending on availability and prices. States select from a wide variety of foods (including fruit and vegetables), based on what school food authorities need for their planned menus. The 2002 farm bill directed that USDA spend $200 million of entitlement funds for fruit and vegetables from 2002 through 2007, and the 2008 farm bill increased that amount to $406 million by 2012. In addition to the basic “entitlement” commodities, “bonus” commodities are sometimes available through USDA’s price support and surplus removal programs.

The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Snack Program is another program designed to increase fruit and vegetable availability to schools. Federal dollars are used directly by schools to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables for snacks. The 2008 farm bill called for a gradual expansion of this program to all States by 2012 and a total expenditure of $1 billion.

Creating a a uniform cohesive system will enable better use of existing funds and improve the quality of the food our young people are consuming and inturn lead to real healthcare reform.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sen. Tom Coburn Next Republican Presidential Candidate

During the extensive health care tax debate I came to really become familiar with Oklahoma's Senator Tom Coburn. The more I saw the more I began thinking. Could this learned Senator and Doctor in practice be our next president? Even under attack by the left and in town meeting by an emotional vulnerable citizen Sen. Coburn seemed to have a master of his own ego and a balanced and clear mind to address situations of all kinds.

As a Republican House member during the Republican sweep Coburn kept his promise to run no more than three terms. He is known as a consistant Conservative.

He is feared by the left because of his speaking abilities back by a keen and educated mind. Video of his town meeting in which a distraught woman asked for help for her brain injured husband and his response was edited and editorialized to be another heartless Republican with no concern for people. In reality the first thing he said was I will help you and I will take all the resources at my disposal through my position as public servant to help you. He was even mocked by CNN for that with the anchor stating well isn't that government? No, that's a man offering help. The senator went on to state the truth. Government is not and can not be the solutions to all of our responsibilites. Again they characterized this as heartless. It would be heartless to lead this woman on that the government was her Messiah. We have one in the White House already doing that and folks are getting their faith crushed. He was lambasted by the media and the left senators for making the statement that folks pray senators don't make it for the vote for the Health Tax Bill. They painted a picture that the Senator wished ill upon Senators of advanced years. It was more than obvious he was expressing the desperation of the vote. Save some one not show up on the left the Health Tax Bill would be forced on the American Public with no regard for their will. These contrived attacks are proof to me they fear this man's abilities to make complex issues simple and clear to the American Public and inform them of the true meaning behind the Obama Administrations push for absolute domination of the American People.

Coburn is a practicing doctor,a small businesss owner,a seasoned legislator,a prudent and thoughtful man who understands what being a public servant is all about. Isn't that someone we would want leading the country? Take a look at this man and see if you see the potential I see for great leadership. I'm not a Oklahoma resident and I think this fellow bears some consideration.


















Saturday, December 26, 2009

Saving the Banks

How could I a enthusiastic Capitalist and nonsupporter of the Stimulus Package and Tarp want to have anything to do with saving the banks? Well if we save the banks we save ourselves. America unfortunately rolls on credit and investments. If no one is investing then the supply of rolling credit does not exist. But you say how can we save the banks without using more of our hard earned dollars in some ill conceived bailout in which the dollars never go where they are needed and those that are are frittered away by corporate yuppies. I have a few key common sense solutions to your failing banks that don't involve a Federal Tax payer intervention with Obama corp thug takeovers or questionable acts that would result in the sinking of America or the Dollar.

1. Finish paying back the Obama Thugs and tell them not to let the door hit them in the butt on their way out.

2. Unload half of your credit card business. You heard me right. Half of your business is bad credit you know you will never see paid. The paper work alone is bankrupting you. Take your bad credit calculate the interest already paid. If it is near or over the original loan, cut it off and let the folks know they are clear and they will not be issued another card from you ever. Next based on income, anyone with more debt then what they make in a month will have their account closed as soon as it is paid off. These folks are your future deadbeats. Closd all business credit cards. If a business has to exist on credit cards, it's already headed for failure.

3. Reduce your overall interest rate on all cards to 1 percent above prime. Add that interest on overdue once a month for 6 months. If they do not pay off the balance they will have credit cut off until paid with no additional interest added. If they pay it off in another 6 months they can reestablish credit in 250 dollar incriments as they pay balances off at the end of each month for a year. By the end of a year they can reearn a credit line of no more than 2000 dollars for every income of 30,000.

4. Drop CDs and any other long term investments. Again paper work and the interest rates are just not attractive anymore. And in these tough times and computer driven society with quick decisions made people want their assets liquid.

5. Raise the interest on Savings Accounts to 10 percent. Yes you read me correctly 10 percent. And anyone also opening a checking account can have free checking for 200 checks and no fees for ATM use at the bank. An interest rate of 10 percent is what every small investor is looking for. It's the magic number. These folks will get out of the gambling stock market and other futile investments and start saving money like mad and leaving it there. You will be flush with cash to make smart loans and the ten percent will not be difficult to pay out. There will be revenue to invest in millions of small productive businesses which in general will stimulate the economy and create more jobs for more people to bring their savings back to the banks. It will create a positive cash flow.

6. Get out of other businesses that have nothing to do with banking. Diversity weakens the financial integrity of a business when your attentions are scattered in too many directions. Do one thing well.

7. Invest the bank's assets in the bank and in gold and silver.

8. Accent on customer service and make it a point to get to know your customers. That way when someone asks for a loan you will know if they are good for it.

9. Never loan money beyond a person's capability to pay it back.

10. Never loan to friends. Friends expect favors and this is business.

That's it. Rediscover what banking was designed to be in a community. A bank is a secure place folks can store their money,write notes of payment,cash notes of payment,store valuables in secure boxs and share money for other peoples loans in return for interest and apply for loans for enterprise or large ticket items like, expanding a business,buying real estate,buying transportation. The bank is a consortium of depositors and investors. The bank employees are trusted individuals that are paid to manage this collective and maintain the security of the funds of the depositors. Go back to the basics and do it well.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Need for Solidarity

Conservatives of America unite. As much as we conservatives would like to deny it, we have a two party system. In order for Conservatives to remain as the captains of American's ship we have to come together to fight the enemy. Conservatives are by far better off than they have ever been due to the fact that the new Chairman of the Republican Party realizes the talents and gifts of each splinter movement and it's value in shaping the Republican Party back to it's conservative roots. Each splinter party has it's strengths that can as a group become the strongest force together for a government that returns to a representative body rather than a group of dictatorial far left elitists. Independents and Liberatarians offer thinking outside the box. Idea's outside the box can lead to creative solutions to tough problems. Tea Party groups offer a phenominal abilities in organization,activism and regeneration of common sense solutions that have long since been forgotten. Conservatives all want the same things. We want limited government, fiscal responsibility, strong national defense and personal freedom. The simple truth is united we win and divided we fall. I ask all splinter group parties to unite with the Republican Party and register as Republicans and participate. I ask the Republican party to choose candidates of these splinter groups when no strong core Republican Candidate is available. The far left has been using our divisions against us. It is time to stop playing their game and rewrite the rules to benefit all conservatives and in turn the future of America and her people. I ask the Republican Party core to rediscover and develop your Conservative roots. Together we can be the Whirlwind that cleans the Hill.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Maverick

Associated Press

... first woman elected ... without a family political connection...the Republican positioned herself as a media-savvy champion of children and working mothers and an enemy of drug dealers. She lost her bid for a second term ...entered public office at a time when doors that previously had been closed to women were being opened. She never considered herself a feminist, but she championed equal opportunities for women."I think it showed other women that you could do this," ...backed legislation that helped homemakers enter the job market after divorce or widowhood. She supported equalizing pension benefits for women by taking into account their years spent at home raising children. She fought to get day care for the children ...and pushed for tax breaks on child care expenses...But there were slights. At one of her first news conferences ...a television reporter asked who was going to do her laundry if she was busy working ..."I kept saying (to myself), I can't believe that anybody is asking me this, especially a grown man from a national network,"...opposed the Equal Rights Amendment and abortion-on-demand. She refused to join the Congressional Woman's Caucus because she thought childcare, pension equity and other matters were "family issues" and not just of concern to women..."I did not like the Equal Rights Amendment," she said. "I predicted that it would bring about the downfall of the father's responsibility to support the family."...

US Sen. Paula Hawkins of Florida dies at 82 Dec 4th. A wonderful Republican public servant. A trail blazer of the 1980's. Thought I was talking about Sarah. Fooled you. But I think Sarah is cut from the same cloth.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

There's Something Just Not Right Here

I recently watched the documentary Food Inc. and learned more about the way our food supply has changed and why I have been reading more and more about genetically altered food like this breed of chicken created without feathers to speed processing and also about the increase in food born illnesses. The FDA,the USDA and EPA have increasingly become led by lobbiests from the Agro business and this goes back through many administrations. The documentary featured some of the large corporate players like Monsanto creator of Agent Orange and now genetically engineered seed and breed stock and Tyson Foods a huge processor of meats. It explained that the biggest consumers of raw food materials are the fast food industrial giants and they in part direct the raw food industries directions. As technology and efficiency has increased the quality and safety of our food as declined. Monsanto's absolute control over it's seed stock and other genetically engineered products has become a monopoly of thugish proportions. Monsanto has created through our government's enabling a feudal control over American Farming and led to the killing of the small family owned farms. Even farmers that grow organically with heirloom seeds are subject to Monsanto's hold due to US Court judgements. This is a classic case of a real Monopoly situation that demands government intervention to protect the american consumer and yet is not only encouraged by our government but enabled to expand and supported by taxpayer dollars. How? Well placed former lobbiests head government regulatory agencies and huge political contributions from these companies control the industry in favor of these huge companies. The dangers created by the mechanization of our food production and genetic altering of food product impacts the health and welfare of every American. It seems to me this is truly where Healthcare Reform should be started. It should start at the source, with the food that we consume. Food born illinesses and the growing number of folks with morbid obesity and type 2 diabetes can be linked to the quality of the food we are eating. In order to bring food to plate at incredibly cheap prices should we compromise our food supply? We should carefully consider what exactly are we saving in the long run. I recommend every concerned American watch Food Inc. and make your own decision. The next time you go grocery shopping take time to read the labels and make choices that send a message to the food industry. Buying habits do make a difference. The Marketplace is a voting booth for the consumer everyday. Look at the changes from the use of Corn Syrup and Hydrogenated Oils. We need to take back our food supply and return control of food productions to the smaller farms. We need to care who we elect and what we buy. If we are willing to eat a little less and pay a little more we can make a more dramatic difference in the state of national health than any healthcare tax will ever do.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Taxpayer Burnout

This is a reprint of a reprint but I thought it bears repeating here.
The Rant of Glenn Mr. Berg received an email with the following information. We would like to share this information with everyone as it is said very well. Thank you Glenn for sharing.


It is now official you are corrupt morons:

•The U.S. Post Service was established in 1775. You have had 234 years to get it right and it is broke.
•Social Security was established in 1935. You have had 74 years to get it right and it is broke.
•Fannie Mae was established in 1938. You have had 71 years to get it right and it is broke.
•War on Poverty started in 1964. You have had 45 years to get it right; $1 trillion of our money is confiscated each year and transferred to “the poor” and they only want more.
•Medicare and Medicaid were established in 1965. You have had 44 years to get it right and they are broke.
•Freddie Mac was established in 1970. You have had 39 years to get it right and it is broke.
•The Department of Energy was created in 1977 to lessen our dependence on foreign oil. It has ballooned to 16,000 employees with a budget of $24 billion a year and we import more oil than ever before. You had 32 years to get it right and it is an abysmal failure.
You have FAILED in every “government service” you have shoved down our throats while overspending our tax dollars.