Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Universal Healthcare Conundrum

Obamacare was designed in the words of Social Marxist Obama to fail. It was a plan to get folks on board with a social program that would cost more money then you make and give you nothing in return. It was an excuse for a massive tax increase to folks of the working poor who make too much to qualify for the very assistance they are paying for in the penalty tax for the very same people who never buy insurance and still pay for cable, lease new cars and take vacations. None of which the working poor do. Insurance under Obamacare is astronomical because it has to cover everything. None of which the typical insurance did that folks often received if they were full time employee at a large company or could buy through an organization like the small business organizations. Insurance was there to cover emergency care. You would purchase additional riders for chronic healthcare like cancer, diabetic conditions, heart disease etc. You would also purchase riders for long term health care. They cost extra and pay back was based on size of coverage. Later large pool programs included discounts on drugs and maintenance drugs for major health issues. Doctors, hospitals, health practices agreed to certain fees to gain large groups of customers without the need for advertising as more and more health care professionals came into the field. When caps on legal medical cases rose from reasonable compensation to unlimited and drug law suits turned into class action suits that primarily benefit the lawyers malpractice insurance rose to astronomical levels raising the overhead costs of medical care. Paperwork is at an all time high and large staffs are needed to keep track of all this have also raised medical costs and forced small medical offices out of business. GPs have to see more an more patients and spend less and less time with people often overlooking the obvious and depending on more and more testing to cover lack of observation. Half of good medical care is spending time with the patient and asking good questions. It is rather a detective activity. This requires time. Appointments can be extremely difficult to obtain for basic care that prevents hospital stays. There are more people ending up in the hospital because basic care was lacking. We have gotten too big because of insurance.

Obamacare can not be fixed. It was already broken.

If people insist on Universal Healthcare the only choice is an across the board everyone tax targeted for national self insurance controlled and run by your government who negotiate with various hospitals and healthcare providers who wish to do business with this national pool that our government and our tax dollars can afford to pay for. Set fees for set services. The government would also negotiate with a direct to patient drug costs from drug manufacturers. Eliminating the middle man in which the drug companies would hire Pharmacies to act as distributors in communities for percentage of sales for service. This would change the nature of business as we know it.
Compensation for medical error would be restored to reasonable compensation.  For the extremely wealthy they may still decide to be self insured through private insurance and private medical providers but they will still pay the tax based on income for UH and may use UH operations if they desire. Care will be borderless and drug purchasing will be borderless.

Plan B would involve return to what we had before Obamacare with regulations of drug patent reform, Malpractice reform and allowing for ala carte insurance policies, borderless insurance and drug buying as well. This is all to lower costs by eliminating comprehensive insurance coverage a buyer may not desire or need and increasing competition.  Hospitals and healthcare providers must post costs for basic services and procedures to give patients a clear idea of what each operation charges for care and if their co pay will be adequate to cover their out of pocket costs for elective care. Emergency care costs will be determined on a sliding scale based on the ability to pay without bankrupting the individual. This has been the way medical care was handled for years and years. The wealthy paid more, the poor paid less and it all equaled out.

Both systems are complicated but doable with a lot of work on the part of all involved. That is why unelected Hillary Clinton and her buddies held their Healthcare meeting that cost taxpayers over a million dollars and nothing came of it. No report, no ideas, nothing.

This requires a lot of detailed planning and thought and working with the existing healthcare operations some that cost millions of dollars to run. Children and adults today often suffer from more than one healthcare issue. We also have an increase in emergency healthcare.  This all costs millions and billions of dollars. There will be triage. Semi healthy workers will get top priority. So it will behoove people as time progresses to take charge of their healthcare and work to stay healthy by eating right, taking supplements, proper exercise and sun, not overindulging in rich foods, processed foods, liquor and illegal drugs. You have to take responsibility for your health regardless of which system you choose. There are pluses and minuses with both. Think carefully. And don't believe the dem rhetoric on anything. It's garbage and they have never read a bill even their own. Read them yourself and tell your legislators your ideas and what you want to get on board with for a lifetime. Because it will be for a lifetime. Your lifetime.

Remember if the word "act" is in it, it's just acting like a bill and it's a tax. Expect a big return or nothing.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

For Such A Time as This

This is a little request. What I want for Christmas is for folks to give our President Elect the same opportunity to  mess up as you did for the last President. You all gave him eight whole years worth. All I am asking for is 8 months. 8 months free of pointless protests, angry tweets, comedians taking pot shots, etc. I know this would be terribly hard for some and you may need to join a support group or take up residence in your safe space.  Maybe college students could take a semester off and work in the fast food industry if they don't already. It makes you a much more eager and diligent student when you return the following semester. I would also like to not see the Clintons or Obama for those eight months. Go on another vacation in a remote area and keep a low profile. Wear disguises. Might I suggest Brazil or Honduras.  And finally for pity sake stop trying to start a war with Russia. THEY HAVE PULSE WEAPONS!  Forget about the nukes. No one wants to use those. The fallout drifts dimwits. So 8 months that all. Give Trump a chance. And make the wall a toll road and it will pay for itself.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Did Hillary Really Win the Popular Vote?

This passed on to me by my friend GI John



Did Hillary really win the popular vote in all states, as the progressive
Liberal Democrats want you to believe?

So I ask you; do we give Hillary the election because she won the popular vote because of the numbers in one state? Read on you may find these fact very interesting.

We hear a cacophony of blaring and bleating from the media and the Hillary
gaggle that she won the popular vote, therefore she should be president,
60,839,497 to 60,265,847.  47.8% to 47,3% with the remaining 4.9% going to the other candidates.

Let's look at the facts:

Trump won the popular vote in 31 states to her 19 and DC. in numbers this
equates Trumps 62% to Hillary's 19%.

Trump led in the total popular vote for all states except California.

Hillary won California 5,860,714 to Trump's 3,151,821. 61.6% to 33.1% exclusive of the other candidates.

Thus California gave Hillary the popular vote for all states as claimed by the
Democrats and their media stooges.

Now let's deduct her California vote from her national vote leaving her with
54,978,783, then deduct Trump's California vote from his national total, leaving him with 57.113.976; Trump wins (the National popular vote) in a landslide in the other 49 states, 51.3% to her 48.7%.

So, in effect, Hillary was elected president of California and Trump was elected president of the rest of the country by a substantial margin.

This exemplifies the wisdom of the Electoral College, to prevent the vote of any one populace state from overriding the vote of the others.

Trump's Campaign Manager, Kellyanne Conway, whose expertise is polling, saw this early on and devised her strategy of "6 pathways to the White House".

This meant ignoring California with its huge Democrat majority & illegal Alien voters, and going after the states that would give him the necessary electoral votes to win, FL, NC, MI, PA, OH, and WI.  It worked and our country is safe.

And now, we watch Green Parties stunning 1% of vote Dr. Jill's recount! Really?  (SHE'S AN IDIOT)


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thank Goodness for a Simple Meal

This is a reprint of a previous Turkey Day Hint page.

I found out a few restaurant chains offer a good turkey day dinner.  Boston Market, Bob Evans, Denney's, Perkins, and your local family style restaurants often offer a turkey day meal.  The chains offer take away at Boston and Bobs.  Check the others for  hours and if you need to order ahead to insure availability. 

Stove top is a clear bet for easy dressing if you prefer to prepare at home but quick. Instant Mashed varieties of potatoes are better than they used to be and canned and jared gravies are good with a little added sage or bells turkey seasoning.

Maria C's Turkey day frozen dinners are rated well for frozen.

Country Crock offers fresh ready to heat and eat stuffing and mashed potatoes that are quite good.

Consider a Purdue or Butter Ball fresh small turkey or turkey breast.  A Hormel boneless fully cooked half or quarter ham ready to heat and eat.

Every local market is offering great buys on apple and other fruit pies and pumpkin for an average cost of 3.99 or 5.99 in their bakeries as well as BOGOs. 

Feeding a large crowd?  Boston Market caters for pickup or delivery depending on size of order.  They offer both ham and turkey meals but you need to order today.

What am I going to do? Going to attend a group meal. 

Hope you have a good day on Turkey Day.  Many Blessings in the coming year and a big hug from FRG. Now the reprint.

Growing up Thanksgiving was by far my most favorite holiday. All the pleasure of Christmas without the pressure of presents. It also was a holiday that involved thanking the creator for our blessings that year and was a holiday when the Native American was celebrated for helping the white man.

In honor of that I offer up some holiday tips to both veteran hosts and hostesses as well as newbees.

Rule number one remember it's not about the food its about the fellowship. You don't have to have turkey, chicken, a tv dinner, a brisket, Denney's, soup, anything can be a Thankgiving meal. Remember the first one was just a big pot luck meal. In your haste and hurry don't forget to be in each moment for time passes quickly and memories are meant to be sweet and savoured.

If you are alone this year it need not be lonely. Volunteer somewhere that day. Volunteer to work for a coworker. Help out at a hospital,soup kitchen,church, the VA,military base, meals on wheels,etc.

If you are housebound and have a phone start a call tree and wish folks a happy day. Or make it a day of prayer for your loved ones, your country etc. Have a tv, enjoy the parades or sports or Christmas movies on tv.

For those with the task of hosting the day here are a few tips.

Housecleaning. Most import just have a clean bathroom. No one will notice anything else. Hire a merry maid for a day to do the general house cleaning. Have kids. Put them to work. Always include children in prep and cooking. Making memories folks. Mom or Dad can't do it all. TGD is about community.

Need more seating? Rent or borrow from family and friends. Tell them it is BYOC bring your own chair.

Turkey Tips

Don't be stressed about the turkey. Easiest thing to cook in the world. Still a little frozen? Keep it in the wrapper and place it in a clean sink or a large tub with cold tap and turn it periodically changing the water if it gets warm. This speeds the defrost. And don't forget to pull the giblet and parts bag out of the inside cavities. The bags are usually located in the inside cavity and at the front under the neck flap. Purchasing at the last minute, go for a fresh or fully cooked turkey. Avoid discounted frozen turkeys you may run into a bad one. Your turkey is the featured player so buy a good one.

What do you do with those parts. If the heart, liver, gizard  etc look rich in color they can be prepared to use in the stuffing or deep fried etc. If not, toss out. The neck and the tail numb you will remove from the base of spine of the bird are good to boil with the organ parts in about five cups of water with an onion cut in half, some stalks of celery with the leaves and a carrot for broth for gravy and use in stuffing. Boil and then simmer for a 2-3 hours to render the flavor from the meat and the fat from the skin. Strain out the solids and save the organ meats except for the gizzard and throw out the tail. De skin the neck and some of the meat can be pulled off and chopped fine to use in the stuffing. If the heart is tender finely chop it and the other organ meats and it also can be used in the stuffing.

What seasoning means TG? Sage. Sage is that key seasoning that permeates stuffing, turkey and gravies. One of the best turkey seasonings around is Bell's Turkey Seasoning. It has a heavy accent of sage and that's what makes it great on and in your turkey, stuffing and gravy. Now I know you may prefer cajun or injectables, or sweet rather than savory sauces, but for the old fashioned Momma style Sage is the Daddy of TG flavors.

Turkey seasoning is simple salt, pepper, paprika and bells turkey seasoning or sage inside and out after you put a little olive oil on the outside of the bird so the seasonings stick. If you are allergic to any seasonings just leave them off.  Many injectable seasonings are available as well as sweet and savory glazes for the end of cooking. If you stuff don't over stuff and pack in the stuffing. Lightly put in a few tablespoons and put the rest of the stuffing in a baking dish to cook in the oven. Remember stuffing the bird lengthens the cooking time and only stuff just before you put it in the oven. Any turkey will come with temp,time baking instructions based on weight. make sure you write down the weight and when you put the turkey into the oven. Many turkeys come with pop up timers but use a meat thermometer periodically to test for doness. Try to avoid opening and closing the oven too much it will lengthen the cooking time. Figure on basting about every 45 minutes and that is about the time to look at the meat thermometer. Also remember when choosing the bird the smaller the turkey the tenderer the bird. Buying two small birds for a larger group can be a good thing. Cook one the day before pouring the juices over the cut up parts in a reheatable dish and cover tightly and refrigerate. Cook the second bird the day of for presentation and smell. You'll have 4 legs and thighs and 4 wings and everyone will be happy. Also consider using a large roaster cooker and cook both birds at the same time. When open roasting in a roasting pan remember to tent the breast top and put some foil over the legs and wing area as they cook so they don't over cook. When checking temp remember that the turkey will continue to cook as it rests before slicing so if it's about 5 degrees under temp that's not a bad thing. If it's five over it may be a little dry but gravy is wonderful thing. Don't be afraid to use Turkey size cooking bags to cook your turkey. This is a great way for newbee's to have a moist Turkey.

If you don't have one, invest in an electric knife or borrow one. It makes for even cuts and easy cutting of the Turkey.

If you are making pies and stuffing do it the day before. Traditional pumpkin has time to cool and you can papertowel off any beaded sugar moisture before refrigerating. Keep fruit pies out of the frig and place in a secured location with a little foil lightly on top after it is completely cooled to keep the crust crispy. This goes for baked frozen fruit pies as well.

Don't be afraid to ask guests to bring something like rolls, corn bread, vegetable casseroles, salads, deserts etc. It lifts the burden for you and really captures the real meaning of the first Thanksgiving and keeps family and friends recipes alive. Suggest they bring a copy of their recipe to share with the other guests.

For hosts on the go with little time supermarkets have a variety of time savers such as seasonal side dishes ready for the microwave from Bob Evans ,Country Crock or the Deli like stuffing, mashed potatoes, greenbean casserole etc. As I said before precooked turkeys available for reheat are also available. Consider cooking just a Turkey Breast or a Turkey Roast.

Gravy can be a thing. It doesn't have to be. Use a jared sauce or dry gravy packet and add some of the juices from the bird in the gravy and add some pepper and some bells turkey seasoning or sage and your sauce will taste from scratch. Always make twice to three times the amount of gravy you think you will need because folks like it on turkey,stuffing,potatoes, and biscuits. Rule of thumb you can never have enough gravy. Keep a pot on the stove warm and covered to refill and reheat the gravy service.

Mashed potatoes are easy. Plan on 5lbs for 8-10 people 10 for a larger group. Red Potatoes or Yukon Gold seem to be the best choices and the creamest. Pick large ones for less peeling. This is a great job for guests and kids to participate. Go to a dollar store and pick up more than one of those slip style peelers and instruct. And reserve the knive and cubing to a more experienced volunteer. Drop the cut up potatoes in the boiling pot filled with cold water.Then boil in water after peeling cutting up into uniform med pieces until a fork breaks them apart. Drain the water and mash with a masher or hand mixer until lump free add a stick of real butter for every five lbs and then add about a can of condensed milk slowly mixing with a mixer until the potatoes make peaks. Remember not to go too thin because gravy will be added . Add salt and pepper to taste. I use white pepper so as not to put off folks with a black pepper avoidance issue. For more flavor or creaminess you can use sourcream or fresh smashed roasted garlic. But again remember gravy is going to be poured on this so there is a lot of seasoning that is going to be on these potatoes. Got your potatoes too thin or using mashed potatoes from a store bought turkey dinner kit. Instant potatoes can be added to warm mashed to thicken the consistency.

Stuffing Tips

Stuffing is easy today with all the stuffing kits available from stove top to pepperidge farm. And drying out in a low oven any stale bread like hot dog buns etc. to add makes for an economical dish. Everyone has different traditions but if you are looking for standard you can add small chopped sauted in butter celery and onions and then fold in a fresh diced apple with skin on and sprinkled with lemon juice along with enough cups of chicken or turkey broth to saturate the bread moist but not soggy based on the cups of bread crumbs you are using. This is also the time to add any meat from the Turkey or sausage etc . Fold in a beaten egg and season with salt,pepper to taste , a teaspoon of sugar and a tablespoon of Bell's seasoning or sage and a tablespoon of parsley.(Note if you are using stove top or preseasoned stuffing mixtures all you may need is a little salt and pepper and a hint more of sage. Folks also add things like Pinenuts, finely chopped sauted carrot,rehydrated craisins or raisins etc. Cover and let that mixture rest in the mixing bowl in the frig for the flavors to go through and moisture to permeate. When ready see if any more liquid needs to be added or additional bread crumbs. Remember not to overmix your stuffing fold in additions and handle lightly. It should be fluffy. Place in a greased baking dish and top with a few dabs of butter and bake in a 350 degree oven for about 40-50 minutes. Check it at thirty minutes. This is baked when the turkey has been removed from the oven. When complete let rest a bit before serving. And as I said before the stuffing can be made a day a head and refrigerated and baked the day of after the Turkey has finished baking.

Tips for making Pumpkin pie.

To take the pie up a notch. Use part brown sugar for the sugar. Add a tablespoon of black strap molasses. Add two tablespoons of pumpkin pie spice and for thicker more satisfying texture rather than runny add a tablespoon of all purpose flour. Don't overbake or freeze that is what causes crust separation.

Turkey Day Schedule


Shop for all things needed.
If purchasing frozen turkey put in lower part of frig and let defrost.


Clean house and set up tables and chairs


Clean turkey remove the giblet and neck bone bags. Make broth from parts. Season up bird and place in roaster and cover with plastic tightly and refrigerate so seasoning can marry with bird. Do not stuff bird at this time. If bird and pan won't fit. just wrap bird in plastic wrap and place in large bag. You will have to season lightly on outside when unwrapping to place in roaster for cooking day.

Bake Pies

Prepare stuffing and cover and refrigerate mixing bowl.

Set the tables

Turkey Day morning.

Preheat oven.

Have breakfast and put the Turkey in oven at appropriate time.

Shower and change along with fam. Don't forget aprons for all those cooking.

About an hour and a half before the Turkey is done peel and cut potatoes and place in water and boil.

Get a pan for the gravy.

Get a carving station ready for the Turkey.

Finish making the mashed potatoes place in covered server and hold in a warm area.

When turkey is done take out and remove some of the juices and place in gravy pot.

Remove stuffing from bird if any and place in covered serving dish to stay warm.

Cover turkey let it rest.

Place remaining stuffing in casserole dish along with any others and bake for 30-45 minutes.

Make the gravy leave in the cooking pot covered on warm.

Cut up the turkey and place in large serving container. Pour the remaining juices over the bird and cover.

When casseroles are complete remove them and place on hot pads to rest.

The best way to serve is buffet style for groups larger than 4. Remember elderly or infirm guests still need to be served. This is a great thing for older kids to participate in as well as more able guests. Delegate. Tell the older folks to to take a seat and take their orders. A list of available things on the menu is great to have at every table on either side and things like drinks can be placed on table ahead of the meal placement.

Beverages should be kept simple like water,iced tea sweetened and unsweetened,hot tea, milk, coffee. I don't recommend hard liquor. But if guests want to bring beer or wine to share that can be allowed. Drunkeness should not be a part of any large gathering or party. It's not funny and doesn't set a good example for young ones. Smokers should be directed outside where a table with ashtrays and chairs should be available. This is for the comfort of other non smoking guests and health of little ones.

I hope some of these tips are of a help. If you have tips to share please leave a comment. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and this Thanksgiving I am thankful for all of you.

Websites of Interest.

We dodged a Bullet

As more and more information from the FBI investigations as well as the NYPD's into the past administrations surface, the current crop of scared and angry American citizens will come to realize they dodged a bullet. The corruption within our government warned by many individuals as far back as the founders and the 1950s will estound even the most hardened left leaning cynic as well as the complacent right wing blind follower. They will realize having a rude and sometimes crude speaking non politician will be to our advantage to move us forward to a restoration of the Republic and the freedom men and women have sacrificed all to preserve.

My choice had been Kasich. But I remembered very late that God uses fools to confound the wise. His 12 that he chose to spread the gospel, were motley a crew. The least likely anyone would pick. But God knew he needed these kinds of people who were tough and persistant to do the job at a time when the world was fully connected by Roman roads and still small. That good news reached every corner of the world. And in the new world God met with them personally like he did Abraham. The Good news is still transmitted over 2000 years later. That's a long time for an advertisement. He did this with John and James the sons of thunder, He did it with a tax collector half Jewish, half Roman, Fishermen, a docter, a doubter etc.

By the end of Trump's campaign, which really hadn't changed much, people from all walks of life and every gender,race and religion began to see that someone who was not a career politician and who did not try to pass themselves off as perfect was running because even he could see the Republic slipping away. And like most of us ,especially immigrants from countries that aren't free, really love her and can't imagine living anywhere else.

I read a tweet making fun of Trump's surprise at the amount of staff he would have to replace. I venture to say he was surprised that it took that many to do a job that shouldn't take that many. They also said it was something that an experienced black man had to train an unexperienced white man how to do his job. Clearly that individual had no concept of the hand off. Obama was trained and well prepared by his comrade George Bush. He too did not know the operations of the highest office in the land. He said this himself on more than occasion. He had no idea how much work was involved. He had never held a real job or run a business. He ended up surrounding himself with much of Bush's staff before he began loading the deck with Brotherhood operatives,academians,contributors and his friends.

Obama continues to gin up along with Soros the paniced left leaning voter and non voter with no concern for the safety of the citizens of America. He is angry his political career is over and greatly afraid his part in the government wide corruption Kabal will land him in Federal Prison. So like any cornered criminal he will fight and claw is way out of the mess he created for himself without regard for the colateral damage that will result.

Look for Hillary and her crime family to disappear. A large sum of the Clinton fund has already been transferred to a bank in a non extradition country. Obama may not go quietly into the good night because his ego and lust for power that he was cultured into growing up will not allow him to take the money and run.

Strengthened borders thru a combination of physical and other barriers along with American Troops deployed all along these borders and ports of entry will greatly curb the flow of enemy combatants and drugs. Making entrances and exits toll roads will be a means of paying for these improvements as well as the reduced costs that will result in lowered need for local law enforcement,public healthcare due to drug abuse and violence.

The number of illegals charged with violent crime in our prisons will also be deported or their costs for encarceration will be paid for by country of origin or monies ordinarly provided to those countries will be discontinued.

American citizens on both left and right have no idea how much of their tax dollars has been given to countries that violate human rights, keep the dollars for the elite, or propel the violent evil that is Islam and Sharia Law.It has been at it's most insideous during the past eight years.

There will be many industrial jobs that will never come back because of advancing tech and automation and costs. But there is always needs that never go away. People need to eat, shop for food, repair their homes etc. Tradesmen as our population of baby boomers age and retire will have to be replaced. Our military will need to expand and our young people will be needed to fill a variety of positions. Aging populations will need more medical care and needs for caretakers will increase. More preventive and persistent care will be the focus so that hospital stays can be avoided. Personal security tools will be on the rise and building and cheaply retrofiting homes to be more energy independent will also be on the rise. More power plants of various combinations of energy generation will have to be built to replace antiquated and crumbling infastructure. Retraining and apprentice programs will be necessary to fill these new needs for trained personnel.

That is why we need individuals from all walks of life and not career politicians in our brain pool of government. That is why we need term limits so we can have individuals with a wide current pool of knowledge. We are not steering a cruise ship anymore. We need to be steering a speed boat capable of making fast changes to handle the world that through tech is changing daily. It needs also to be a light ship and departments need to be eliminated at the Federal level and returned to the States.

The Federal government needs to return to it's primary role and that is of National Security and local and international commerce facilitating.

Bills should never be more than a page long and should have a time limit. All of them. And stop calling them laws unless it truly is a law. And every session should examine at least a 100 laws on the books for their timeliness and need. Goal over time would be to reduce them by 50%. After all the good lord only had 10.

All these things would never be possible under a government ruled by foreign entities and failed philosphies like Social Marxism and leaders who are in it for their own benefit. We have indeed dodged a bullet. Now let's see how fast we can restore the Republic and American's faith in themselves and each other.

Sunday, June 12, 2016


I  woke up at 6:30AM to see a news report on my twitter feed from a peep that a man had entered a dance club in Orlando with Guns and shot patrons and took hostages. What followed was a tale of horror, hatred and death. If it had not be for the quick thinking of Police officers who had been hired to guard the club and the well trained Orlando SWAT team more lives of the 350 or so that were in the club that early morning  would have died. So far 50 deaths have been documented and still others wounded.  The other key factor in saving lives was social media in which victims trapped inside tweeted out to people they needed help and warned others to run away and stay away,

I can't tell you how heavy is my heart for the tragic loss of life. I have been quite frankly so overwhelmed by grief over these souls that now can not have the fullness of time and love .

It has been clear that this misguided man's actions may have it's roots in mental illness possibly brought on by steroid use known for causing abnormal aggressive behavior as was suggested by a former wife of 4 months. It has been suggested by the man's father that he did not like individuals that were of the LGBT community and this most probably may also been a part of his intentions for this shooting.

His local Mosque can not figure out why the shooter would do something like this.

I believe God will not be mocked.  He is the author of each individuals lifespan and when men try to be God and go out killing his children before their time I venture to say his life will be sacrificed. And sadly this troubled, misguided man was shot and killed by Orlando's SWAT as they broke through a wall in the club to rescue trapped patrons.

And still I am grieved beyond what I can bear for the lives lost in the state I call home.  I have worked in broadcasting for many years and some of the time I worked in Orlando. Orlando which had been a tiny town before Walt Disney came is a big city now. But in many ways like a lot of big towns in Florida it still has that small town feel and when something like this happens every resident in Florida feels the loss.  Many come from someplace else and we cling together to comfort one another and try to make sense why something like this could happen in our state.

The comments I hear from visitors to our state for the first time is how friendly and helpful everyone is and it is true.  I remember many times out and about having some difficulty or another and dozens would offer to help.  I still experience this all the time.  So when something like this happens I can hardly handle the grief I feel. 

My family ran a full service gas station in a tiny little town then in Tampa Bay. My father and grandfather who had experienced various forms of discrimination in their home town were determined to operate a business that was open to all and no one would be treated any different than anyone else. And no one was.  We were known as the place to come.  We also had a large and loyal LGBT client base as a result of our business practices. Every customer became a member of our family.  When I grew older and pursued work outside the family business I had a culture shock that the world was not like the world my family had created. It has been something I to this day have trouble accepting this reality and it has been my lifelong mission to make the world I live in like the world I grew up in under the roof of that corner full service gas station where love abound and hugs were free.

I want to extend my personal sympathy to all who lost loved ones to this tragedy and I pray God will give you comfort and peace. Please know that so many fellow Americans share your grief and praying for you as I write. Much Love and Peace. FRG

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Capitalism Bad Boy?

"Unchecked Capitalism" has been recently coined as the cause of all the ills of the world including the other hot term "Climate Change."  So let's first define "Capitalism." 

an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.
synonyms:free enterprise, private enterprise, the free market;
"the capitalism of emerging nations"
In countries that have tried the alternative like Russia and China people lived in poverty and prosecution.  China has been the biggest violators of unhealthy manufacturing work conditions as well as creator of hazardous impacts on the environment.  Rebellion was the result and now both countries are allowing workers to develop product and industry by and for their own profit. 76% of the people in China believe they are better off in a free market economy. Today the Shanghai Stock Exchange is the third largest in the world through market capitalization. We Americans as the biggest importer are influencing China in product safety and worker safety. China is also a huge importer of raw materials. Materials we can supply. China is basing their monetary system on gold. Sound familiar.  Soon they will be one of the biggest importers of consumer goods.
Some of the inequality that people perceive in industry salary and wages are due to two things.  Most large companies are publically traded and therefore without a regular 10% increase in value investment capital shrinks and sustainability of said company dwindles. Investors include the average joe who has a  401k plan.  The biggest expense most companies have is employees and therefore an area which most work to reduce by automation, reductions in salary and benefits. Overregulation and taxation can also move a company to closure. 
Even small businesses in American have a difficult time surviving.
Companies if they want to survive will follow trends in the desires and needs of the consumer.  Just look at food in the grocery stores. You can find Organic, Gluten Free, Grass Fed, Free Range, Cage Free, and the list goes on.  We are a free market and the consumer directs the producers.  Companies have moved to social media to stay in touch with their consumers to further hone their products. New jobs have been created for social media managers and analysts.
America's form of capitalism is far from unchecked.  The market is regulated by government regulations and taxes and by consumers themselves.  Workers themselves determine their salaries by whom they choose to work for, education aspirations, personal choices, and their own consumerism.  We are the captains of our future. Self determination is the hallmark of our Republic.  If it seems unfair to you, change what you are doing. Start your own business. That's America.
Wars usually are about envy and greed. People who aren't fortunate enough to be in a free society suffer and are envious and move others in their situation to blame others for their fate and seek to steal, kill and destroy said people thru War and Violence.  If people are able to work freely for everything they need they are less likely to start War for fear of loosing that which they have worked so hard.
As far as climate change and global warning. There are industries that depend on this to be true. It's not. Never has been. Key politicos like Al Gore are heavily invested in solar, wind and other boondoggles that are subsidized by u the taxpayer. Working with foreign oil suppliers they artificially raised the cost of traditional fuels.  This cut into their market and now foreign oil suppliers fought back by lowering prices. Remember the so called gas shortages of the 70's. We as voters need to send a message and need to educate our leaders that this climate change and global warming propaganda doesn't fly. I loved it when Kasich said we have to be good managers of our resources but we have to really look at what is reasonable and proper. He gets it.
The only capitalism our government doesn't seem to check anymore is monopolies. They seem to not enforce the antitrust laws on the books because they have heavily invested in or have be supported by said companies. This is something we citizens should keep track of with our elected officials. 
Greed and envy are the roots of the ill in the world not capitalism. Love of money is the cause.  Money can help in the right hands and harm in the wrong hands. Thus the check of antitrust laws. And ultimately what directs our hearts is the love of God.  If we love God we seek to emulate him and if we emulate him the whole world is a more peaceful place.