Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's Only a Bill

1.3 million dollars. That's what the Democratic Party received from Insurance Companies in political contributions. 1.3 million. Pfizer Half a mil or better to the Democratic Party. Democrats voting today in Committee are you going to bite the hands that feed you? Are you going to alienate your voters passing a bill no one wants? There are so many better ways to lower medical costs with out spending a dime of taxpayers money. These things can be written up as single item bills with specific and singular goals. You do not rebuild an engine that just needs a tuneup. As your parents taught you don't sign ANYTHING you can't read or understand. Bills become law and THERE IS NO GOING BACK. Obama's agenda is to take your power and every other American's right to freedom. He has his own agenda and you will be but pawns in his plans. He has run amuck and it is time to show him who is boss. The People. For the couch sitters of America to rise up and march in the millions on Washington and at every town hall and state capital tells you something as a legislature. No one is happy with ANYTHING Obama does including the folks that voted for him. Wake up Washington legislators end this nonsense and KILL THE BILL.

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