Sunday, January 31, 2010

Obama Polarization Front

Obama's latest foray into appearing to make nice with the Republican Opposition resulted in a dismal failure. Quite frankly they like the American Public aren't buying it anymore. Watch as Obama's frustrated anger turns postal towards the American People as they realize the Emperor has no cloths. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. He is a phoney and a liar greatly concerned that his image is what he wants you and his staff to think he is, but similar to Bill and Hillary Clinton when time and fatigue set in they can no longer hold on to this false face and the warts start showing through and the true nature of the beast reveals itself. Republicans should face the facts that the only way to stop this Progressive freight train is to impeach the criminal, break the strangle hold control of the legislature from the Progressive radical Democrats and return the power to the people.

Bush delusionally old school tries the old approach of keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Unfortunately today's enemies are far more dangerous and lethal to the survival of America. They like the Croc on the lake transporting the his delusional lunch accross the lake only to eat him in the end have no intention of changing their agenda or listening to the will of the people. The main goal of these progressives is power OVER the people and ENSLAVEMENT of the people. These Elitists have theirs and don't want any of the low life populous to have the opportunity to achieve the same successes. Like Planned Parenthood's founder Margaret Sanger they believe in a hybrid Eugenics if you will on the American Dream for the ignorant throng who don't deserve to reproduce the fruits of such a dream. Oh they like the Croc will talk the talk of how they care for us and only want to remake American into some kind of redistributed utopia in which no one is sick or hungry. But folks this OZ will be more like the OZ on the cable network show. A prison of our own making if we buy into this. If I were the Bushes I would decline every invitation to make Obama and the Clintons look like the great Messiah. None of the American people would think less of you. They seem to ask for your help out of one side of their mouth and then crucify you out of the other blaming all the world's ills on you. Quite frankly I think the Bushes are being far nicer than God would be. Stop it.

Duplicity is king in the Obama Administration in which they criticize corporate America for rewards for jobs well done and at the same time take expensive frivolous trips on the taxpayers dime when we are in the "Greatest economic crisis since the great depression." He criticizes the control and influence of lobbiests, but employs more lobbiests than any other president and regularly consults and recruits union bosses for election help and rewards them with cherry tax payer dollars and federal legislative support.

Finally the American Public is waking up to the reality of this flim flam artist and the scales are falling from their eyes. Republicans take the lead of the people and stop trying to pick up what crumbs these dictators dain to toss your way from the scraps at their table. Better yet grab them with your teeth in their rear and drag them out from the table and out the door. Stop being the slave to the Master. Take the pack leadership back and represent the People instead of being flattered and conjolled into what these delusional nuts think is best.

Don't agree to allow this poser in the people's house make your fiscally responsible prosperous state pay for corrupt irresponsible states. Decentralize governance. Return the checks and balances back to the Federal Government and follow the documents of the founding fathers. Do not allow this phoney baloney community organizer to polaraize your efforts to return America to it's former glory before the advent of Woodrow Wilson and the Progressive Charge. Return the power to the people. I think the FBI and the Supreme Court will be more than willing to help you now.

I had a friend the other day asked me if I ever had anything nice to say about Obama and Clinton and would I. I honestly told him no. These guys have a long history of being duplicitous liars and con artists of the highest level. The fruits of anything they have done is rotten. The district Obama represented in Chicago has public housing so bad the rats are leaving. The crime and unemployment there have increased so much that police are scared to walk the streets. Clinton's State Arkansas had the lowest national income and the lowest education level for it's people. He was being investigated for and found guilty of drug trafficking and drug use. However his Arkansas mafia threated the life of the government investigation leader so much she left town and didn't finish the investigation to prosecution. Much like the legislature's dropped cases on Clinton and his wife on Travelgate, Sexual Harassement of Staff etc. Following the Clinton debacle of the community reinvestment act mandate to banks,choosing to watch golf games on TV rather than finishing a mission to get Bin Lauden we were left with terrorists attacks on American shores and a crippled economy. These guys can white wash themselves as much as they want, but sooner or later the truth of who they really are and have been will surface. Will I ever say anything nice? No because I know that they will never do the things they say they will and all they are after is personal wealth and power. They couldn't give a rat's butt about you or me. As a matter of fact they hate everyone. Like Nero playing the violin as Rome burned. These guys are despots to the end.

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