Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

As Earth Day draws to a close I contemplated the state of the Earth today. I concluded that the Earth she is dirty. And I thought what can I FRG American do personally to clean up my beloved planet. And I thought to myself and came to the conclusion I can consider ways to reduce,reuse and recycle the trash overflowing on our beautiful land. The largest amount of trash seems to be coming from the very capital of our country. And much of it is recycled materials. Ironically recycling and reusing seems to be the core problem with our mounting layers of trash overwhelming our beautiful country and indeed the world. The carbon footprint of those in DC seems to cover the earth. The only way I feel I can reduce this recycled and reused trash is to permanently clear the land of this trash from our Capital City and burn it in a fuel producing plant. Completely consuming this trash will generate enough electricity to light up our entire country and the world at little to no cost. This form of true recycling will generate no further trash and serve as a example to all other countries of true recycling and reusing with a purpose.
FRG One of America's First Americans

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  1. While I haven't seen any empirical evidence to support the notion of man made global warming, I do believe in taking care of the earth, reducing pollution, and taking care of our nature and natural resources. Today, I viewed the Walt Disney Oceans movie and really enjoyed it. It was well done.