Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Open Letter to Illegal’s: Are You Looking for Instant Citizenship or just Becoming Voluntary Slaves?

Many leftist organizations have used Arizona’s desperation for securing her borders against drug cartel thugs and criminals in human trafficking and insuring the safety of their citizens to stir up illegal’s to a fever to advance their agenda and the agenda of the current regime controlling America’s dying Republic.

I am writing those individuals who have come to this country illegally or are staying to work long past their green card allowances who have been rallied to a false anger. You are being used and manipulated by Castro enthusiasts like Victor Toro and drug cartel purchased and placed foreign born local American politicians. The last thing they have in mind is your best interest.

Many third world countries encourage illegal immigration to the United States to alleviate the financial burden of their impoverished nations and gain monies made by their citizens working in the States that is sent home. In the mean time legal citizens are driven bankrupt providing free and subsidized services to persons such as yourselves through ever escalating taxes on income, property ,goods and services. Don’t believe our current Dictators words. He is taxing everything in site and it is affecting everyone. Frankly with the unemployment rates in the double digits and positions that are available paying no more than poverty level wages coupled with higher and more numerous taxes the very country you are so ardent to work in is falling apart and looking much like the country you have fled. America’s wealthy have already left for greener pastures and the working classes are left as usual giving all their money to the government only to have it returned in crumbs left from the Dictators table with very little to show for it. That is why Americans are so angry and have formed old school founding father revolution movements to return our country back to the hands of people and out of the Marxist Socialist Dictator that deceived Americans.

Just why is the left referring to you as “undocumented” and not “illegal”? Why were there two questions regarding Hispanic people on the recent census short form that many illegals were more than thrilled to fill out? Why not the usual one question on race?

Remember the term “undocumented”? The Obama administration could care less about community needs. The administration wants to “Document” exactly where these illegal workers live. They will be more than glad to grant amnesty from the illegal entry in return for votes and you can bet your bottom dollar there will be Union thugs and militant organization brown shirts that will be knocking on your door to make sure you vote the “proper” way.

But the real reason they are ultimately willing to grant you amnesty is to obtain cheap labor that will generate more tax dollars into their empty pockets. No longer will you be paid in cash but you will be paid as every American via direct deposit checks in which 60 to 70 % of your meager salary will be garnished for the Federal and State taxes. Not only will you now be paid a fraction of your meager salary, but the free benefits you have been enjoying will now be paid for by you. You have not just become a legal US citizen but you have now volunteered to be a new American indentured slave like everyone else.

What had living in America really brought you? Your families are broken up, your children have fallen into drugs or gangs or worse and you still live in fear. Is it really worth it?

What would be the best thing that illegal immigrants can do today but to return in mass to their homeland armed to the teeth and take back their own countries from their weak dictators and undermanned drug cartels and create your own strong republics.

If a few Nuns can fight drug cartel thugs who better than you? Read the history of American’s Founding Fathers. They fought for their country and took it from the Dictators with frankly a peasant army. Remember there are more of you then there are of them. Latin gang leaders would it not be better to fight for your own freedom instead defending a city block or neighborhood in some foreign country that does not cherish your culture or would you rather continue living in fear of rival gangs and watch your own lives and the lives of your families cut short? Do you think it is just by luck that the police can not stop you? Fight your real enemies in your own countries. Take back your own countries and cultures. I have seen your determination and your work ethic and there is nothing you can not do here that you can not do in your own country. Look carefully at your own countries and you will see the bounty of natural resources and manpower that is available. Do not allow the petty dictator of our country or your countries dictate your destiny. If you do, you will only become another slave to another country that is not your home. True freedom is the ability to determine your own destiny. True freedom is the ability to live your life in peace and plenty reaping the benefits of your own labor and not handing it over to some petty dictator in return for a few crumbs and a life lived in fear.

Making Americans responsible for doing their own work will make Americans healthier physically, spiritually and financially. We will begin to prosper again and become a better customer for the goods produced in your own countries. It will also cut the head off our petty dictators and allow us also to regain our republic back. Together our countries will be renewed and control will finally be returned to those that labor and not those that have been raping our peoples. Don’t exchange American Citizenship for a new set of shackles. Return home and fight to make it free! Tell Obama and his union thugs that you will no longer be his slave. Don’t accept these shackles of oppression. Become the founders of your own free republic in your homeland.

Viva Our Homelands. Viva Our Republics!

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