Sunday, July 4, 2010

An American Patriot's Thoughts in 2010

It’s two oclock in the morning July 4th 2010. I find myself thinking about the crossroads that Americans find themselves. Are we to allow the most corrupt government in the history of America to continue it’s annilation of our beloved land, or are we going to clean out the house and reclaim it? I wonder what our founding fathers would think of us?

We had become so busy with our lives we failed to see the freedoms we so cherished slipping through our fingers one by one. We became so insulated to what our leaders were saying that we grew lazy in our pursuit of excellence in leadership. We were content to follow those that tickled our ears and massaged our egos.

I think of the men and woman who sacrificed, fought and died to preserve our country in our beginnings and those that are still fighting today and how casually we have let our nation go to seed without any will to stay the course to preserve it.

Now is the time and now is the day that we must take up our beds and walk the streets waking the sleepers to the dangers. We are in danger of losing all that we hold dear if we do not act now.

We must rise up and wrestle our country and its freedoms back from those internal invaders that have but one agenda and that is to destroy us from within economically, spiritually, and ideologically.

We must not go softly into this night but fight fight the dying of lady liberty’s light.

Let us pledge before God this day and before our fellow Americans to make this a new Independence Day free from dependence on government handouts taken from other hard working Americans. Let us pledge to do all we can to live, thrive and survive by the sweat of our own brow and choose leaders that do the same.

God Bless America

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