Sunday, March 6, 2011

Where's the Republican Candidate?

I looked for the two all beef special patties at CPAC and they just couldn't be found.Special sauce, sesame seed buns,cheese,pickles,onions but, where was the beef fella?

I have the distinct feeling the powers that be have the fix in for O to the bama to serve out a second term much the same way "I didn't have sexual relations with that woman sexual predator did it in the oval office " Clinton.

Just the thought of that prospect makes me ill. The powers that be do not have any idea that this wolf in sheep's clothing has his own personal agenda and it has nothing to do with what they have planned.

Repubs have all but given the election over by just not showing up. No one wants to waste the time and money going through an election that they are designed to lose. The timing is wrong and folks are not at the desperate enough stage to change horses just yet.

This seasoned party knows folks have to bleed first before they have the courage to change the change. There also has to be more time for the public to lose the "Blame Bush" venom generated by the Lefty media machine before they can run another Bush namely Jeb.

Jeb is my choice because he has the right combo of connection and moxie to bust the controllers to do what's really right for America. He has always gone his own way and yet understood the system and it's players. It is like having an insider for us regular folk on our side.

I do hope that the repubs and tea party put all their eggs on the senate win in 2012 and make a lame duck of this lame duck. At least we can neuter both the social marxist manchurian candidate OB wan to be king and the the lefty radicals agendas for turning this country into a third world controlled by the old world power brokers.

So if no one steps up, don't jump off a high building. Concentrate on the legislature in 2012 and change that rooster and his minions in the oval to a hen.

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