Sunday, July 17, 2011

Taxation Without Representation

You're probably wondering why you haven't heard from me in a month.  So much has been going on in the World and so much to digest.  Currently our government is in turmoil and a great battle to stop creeping Marxist Socialism and complete collapse of our economy due to unbridled spending by our current poser in chief.  For most of us we feel we have no representation in the white house.

I have been pondering for the last month what I wanted to talk about.  To Share.  What has become important to me and my family.

I came to the conclusion that the most important thing is the willingness to give up perceived security to fight for preserving our freedom and American way of life.

We have been covertly taxed and outright robbed to help keep career politicians in office with lifetime benefits paid for by us to create laws,regulations and more taxes to bankrupt us and our country.  How stupid are we?  It is time we take back our paychecks and full responsibility for ourselves and our families.  No more representatives with no more intelligence than a bag of hammers determining where our money can best be spent and how much we get to keep. 

Here's an old term.  Self determination.   It is a concept that so many immigrants made sacrifices to come here for and used to make something of themselves.  The ability to determine your own future by the sweat of your brow. 

Americans have discovered that those perceived safety nets they thought they paid into all these years are nothing but a scam to con you into willing giving up more of your paycheck to line the pockets of politicians and these days nothing more than carpetbaggers with your hard earned money.

During LBJ's administration the boomer Social Security surplus was placed into the general funds used primarily to pay off  re-election votes with pork projects.  This action was warned about by even Social Marxist FDR.

Now we have found out that America has been borrowing money to stay a float and over printing money reducing the value of the dollar so low that third world countries no longer see the dollar as stable enough to use as the currency of trade when buying oil.  Since when do we borrow when we don't need to start any of these unnecessary government departments and social programs that are ineffectual and are redundant to state programs.  Since when does the Federal Government do what is the State's job.

It is time to stop this now run a way train to socialism and economic collapse and take back our country and stop delegating our responsibilities. Write,call,email your representatives of any party that you do not want to continue raising the credit limit of American's credit card to enable them to go on out of control spending.  Like a teenager away at college with mom and dad's credit card for emergencies only we can not and  will  not tolerate DC spending away our old age monies and the inheritances we planned on leaving our children.  If they wish to live the high life let them go out and start a business or get a job.  Enough is Enough.  And they will honor the folks on Social Security and Medicaid and the Vets and the costs of defending this country the promises they made and people in good faith invested in for the betterment of Americans.  Anything else will go out the door including Obamacare.

And if Obama continues to be an arrogant stumbling block go forward with impeachment based on eligibility fraud and lock him up in the federal pen and throw away the key.  Clear the house of his co conspirators as well if they continue being stumbling blocks.

Lets reestablish our country back on a firm foundation of smaller government.  Less regulation and social programs and improved civil defence and then maybe we will have a government that truly represents.

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