Sunday, November 4, 2012

Two More Days ...

Two more days to the offical election day that determines the fate of our beloved Republic the United States of America.  At a time when America has not been more divided since the Civil War and after the most far reaching and destructive perfect storm leaving thousands without food,clothing and shelter this election day above all election days is the most important in our history.  As folks left without resources to live still stuned by the the aftermath and after the photo ops of POTUS and Govs and Mayors have ended, it is time to gather our resolve to make our voices heard at the ballot box. 
I have tweeted that we must pray today that our heavenly Father gives us the new leadership we need and not the leadership we deserve.   Often God will allow authority to be reflective of a weak and lazy undisciplined people to teach them that their values have grown contrary to his wise and loving instruction.  But I personally feel that there is a revival going on in America in which folks are returning to God and his principles.  I believe that in two days God's divine mercy and grace will show itself and folks will turn out at the polls in greater numbers than has ever been recorded.  I also believe that the divider and chief bitter towards the loving grace of God will be removed from his position of power and  men after God's own heart will be placed back in positions of authority and the original intentions of divine providence and provision will play out before the eyes of the world to stand as a witness that if God's people hunble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways he is faithful and just to heal their land. 
In a land with the richest collection of human and natural equity there is no reason we as a nation need sit in rags as if we have no Father in heaven who enables all to achieve and live up to our maximum best.  We have a bounty of riches in the tangible and intangible and we need to stop listening to folks who would convince us otherwise.  We need to move these sad dogs out of the way and move on to those that recognize and embrace the powers that our creator has bestowed on all of us to move mountains and allow us to once again be the city of God that is shining on the hill.  The great equalizer has never been government. Our founding fathers knew this truth.  The great equalizer is our father in heaven who told us to believe "We can do all things thru Christ who strengthens us."  All things my brothers and sisters.
Now we can sit in our rags and cry a pity party and follow the negative rehetoric of our Divider and Chief or we can reclaim our heritage of children of God, King's kids, and tap into our inheritance.  Our inheritance contains riches so great they can not be counted.  Do not live in the land of defeat, but in the land of victorious living.  Choose those that understand that government is not our solution but our problem.  Let's elect folks who will move government out of our lives and remove the barriors to the full measure of our unconquerable faith in God's power to help us achieve true greatness in God's perfect will.
You need not go to government for your piece of the pie.  Go to your heavenly Father for he will give you the whole pie and you will neither hunger or thirst ever again.  Vote for those who would not serve as a middle man to every dollar you earn or as a procter that doles out just enough that they think you can survive on just to work for them more.  Vote for the people that are willing to stand aside and let you determine how your earnings will be used and spent. 
I believe the sheep in America are waking and are discovering there is many a wolf amongst them.  Let's let the dogs out to run those wolves over the cliff and allow the sheep to be safe once again in the guidance and care of the good shepard.  Tuesday get out and make your voice heard.  Tuesday vote to reclaim your Republic the only one in the world.  Tuesday vote for Romney and Ryan 2012.

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