Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pro Choice

The far left press as well some of the conservative press are having a field day with the huge number of conservatives who have stepped forward to run for the office of President.  Why?  I thought folks were all about pro choice? 

I am encouraged to see so many willing to get into the fray and swim thru the piranha waters of the Amazonian ivy league media who view conservatives like Weight Watchers at a Sara Lee sponsored buffet.  We all know that over time many will drop out.  But, with this many folks getting the conservative messages out when the legislative and party GOP are all but silent this can be a good thing.

The Donald preaches economic freedom and restoring the Republic. This is a good message. His foot and mouth disease is a good thing too. People will tune in just to see what goofy thing he says next and in turn listen to the general message.  There is no such thing as bad publicity.  And a broken clock is right twice a day.

We have a cornucopia of candidates with even a gifted Doctor in the house.  Governors and legislators, preachers and businessman all with great track records for hard work and common sense solutions.

Whomever rises to the top of electability I think should announce their running mate immediately and appointments of fellow candidates for positions in the cabinet for their specific expertise.  Be up front early and don't play games.

This election is not about "CHANGE" it's about "RESTORATION OF THE REPUBLIC." It's about reducing this plague of government in the people's lives.  It's about ending programs that cost more and more of our meager paychecks with less and less in return and resulting in destruction of the American way of life.

Talking points should be about what this election is about.   It's about doing away with ALL taxes at the state and federal level except a ten percent state and a ten percent federal sales tax on everything except RX, Food and Fuel. In this way if the country prospers so do the public works.  This is the motivation for the beltway boys much like CEOs salaries are linked with profits.  This guarantees everyone pays some taxes based on their ability to purchase.  Without income, property, and capital gains taxes you will finally own your businesses, your land and profits from savings and investing.

It's about restoring the founder's intent for the Federal government's primary duty.  The only thing the federal government should be in charge of is public defense. The American armed forces coupled with an international service that includes a marriage of FBI and CIA combined.

It's about reestablishing states responsibilities instead of having assorted duties thrust upon them by the Federal government.   State governments should only be in charge of is police, fire and parks and recreation centers. Operation of utilities, roads, signage, waste water and drainage, trash pick up and disposal among other government job works should be privatized on bid. Competition drives costs down and makes the people into job creators instead of dependents. 

When a church gets so big it finds it hard to operate they often break into smaller satellite neighborhood churches. This smaller churches are more manageable  and cheaper to run.  Smaller church congregations participate more when they know if something needs done they have to step up to the plate.

It's about getting the governments out of the education business and allowing parents to choose the appropriate private education pathway .  This makes parents participate because it costs them directly.  No parent wants a dependent grown child living at home with no prospects.  Parents will be compelled to participate in education and child rearing at birth thru young adulthood.  No longer will they expect the state to train up their child.  And frankly none of us should. 

I am reminded of stories about incredibly poor parents living in the streets of Mumbai whose main goal is to assist their children in gaining a good education.  Their dream is to have the next generation better than the last.  Their children share this dream and work hard with their parents and teachers.

Public schools as they are currently designed are simply warehouses bound by antiquated protocols that no longer apply and they are too unwieldy to make even minor adjustments.  One size does not fit all.  We need to care about our children enough to educate them in the best way possible and equip them for the world that is left behind.

And finally it's about Freedom.  REAL FREEDOM.  Whenever a people are enslaved to their leaders thru excessive and progressive taxation we are no more free than the serfs working the land of a King. We are managed thru FEAR.  It's time to grow a pair and fight for REAL FREEDOM.  A government job should no longer be the most secure job in the country.

So folks the more the merrier on the podium the first few months of the debate season.  The more voices the better.  Don't fret, a clear choice always filters thru and quite frankly the Democrat alternative is far more scary because all they offer is more of the same failed government policies we have been suffering thru for far too long.  The best conservatives offer is the focused will for Resurrection and Restoration of the Republic.

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