Sunday, November 20, 2016

We dodged a Bullet

As more and more information from the FBI investigations as well as the NYPD's into the past administrations surface, the current crop of scared and angry American citizens will come to realize they dodged a bullet. The corruption within our government warned by many individuals as far back as the founders and the 1950s will estound even the most hardened left leaning cynic as well as the complacent right wing blind follower. They will realize having a rude and sometimes crude speaking non politician will be to our advantage to move us forward to a restoration of the Republic and the freedom men and women have sacrificed all to preserve.

My choice had been Kasich. But I remembered very late that God uses fools to confound the wise. His 12 that he chose to spread the gospel, were motley a crew. The least likely anyone would pick. But God knew he needed these kinds of people who were tough and persistant to do the job at a time when the world was fully connected by Roman roads and still small. That good news reached every corner of the world. And in the new world God met with them personally like he did Abraham. The Good news is still transmitted over 2000 years later. That's a long time for an advertisement. He did this with John and James the sons of thunder, He did it with a tax collector half Jewish, half Roman, Fishermen, a docter, a doubter etc.

By the end of Trump's campaign, which really hadn't changed much, people from all walks of life and every gender,race and religion began to see that someone who was not a career politician and who did not try to pass themselves off as perfect was running because even he could see the Republic slipping away. And like most of us ,especially immigrants from countries that aren't free, really love her and can't imagine living anywhere else.

I read a tweet making fun of Trump's surprise at the amount of staff he would have to replace. I venture to say he was surprised that it took that many to do a job that shouldn't take that many. They also said it was something that an experienced black man had to train an unexperienced white man how to do his job. Clearly that individual had no concept of the hand off. Obama was trained and well prepared by his comrade George Bush. He too did not know the operations of the highest office in the land. He said this himself on more than occasion. He had no idea how much work was involved. He had never held a real job or run a business. He ended up surrounding himself with much of Bush's staff before he began loading the deck with Brotherhood operatives,academians,contributors and his friends.

Obama continues to gin up along with Soros the paniced left leaning voter and non voter with no concern for the safety of the citizens of America. He is angry his political career is over and greatly afraid his part in the government wide corruption Kabal will land him in Federal Prison. So like any cornered criminal he will fight and claw is way out of the mess he created for himself without regard for the colateral damage that will result.

Look for Hillary and her crime family to disappear. A large sum of the Clinton fund has already been transferred to a bank in a non extradition country. Obama may not go quietly into the good night because his ego and lust for power that he was cultured into growing up will not allow him to take the money and run.

Strengthened borders thru a combination of physical and other barriers along with American Troops deployed all along these borders and ports of entry will greatly curb the flow of enemy combatants and drugs. Making entrances and exits toll roads will be a means of paying for these improvements as well as the reduced costs that will result in lowered need for local law enforcement,public healthcare due to drug abuse and violence.

The number of illegals charged with violent crime in our prisons will also be deported or their costs for encarceration will be paid for by country of origin or monies ordinarly provided to those countries will be discontinued.

American citizens on both left and right have no idea how much of their tax dollars has been given to countries that violate human rights, keep the dollars for the elite, or propel the violent evil that is Islam and Sharia Law.It has been at it's most insideous during the past eight years.

There will be many industrial jobs that will never come back because of advancing tech and automation and costs. But there is always needs that never go away. People need to eat, shop for food, repair their homes etc. Tradesmen as our population of baby boomers age and retire will have to be replaced. Our military will need to expand and our young people will be needed to fill a variety of positions. Aging populations will need more medical care and needs for caretakers will increase. More preventive and persistent care will be the focus so that hospital stays can be avoided. Personal security tools will be on the rise and building and cheaply retrofiting homes to be more energy independent will also be on the rise. More power plants of various combinations of energy generation will have to be built to replace antiquated and crumbling infastructure. Retraining and apprentice programs will be necessary to fill these new needs for trained personnel.

That is why we need individuals from all walks of life and not career politicians in our brain pool of government. That is why we need term limits so we can have individuals with a wide current pool of knowledge. We are not steering a cruise ship anymore. We need to be steering a speed boat capable of making fast changes to handle the world that through tech is changing daily. It needs also to be a light ship and departments need to be eliminated at the Federal level and returned to the States.

The Federal government needs to return to it's primary role and that is of National Security and local and international commerce facilitating.

Bills should never be more than a page long and should have a time limit. All of them. And stop calling them laws unless it truly is a law. And every session should examine at least a 100 laws on the books for their timeliness and need. Goal over time would be to reduce them by 50%. After all the good lord only had 10.

All these things would never be possible under a government ruled by foreign entities and failed philosphies like Social Marxism and leaders who are in it for their own benefit. We have indeed dodged a bullet. Now let's see how fast we can restore the Republic and American's faith in themselves and each other.

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