Sunday, March 21, 2010

Am I a Hatemonger and a Fearmonger?

On this sabath the vote will take place that is more than what is presented. On the surface it looks like a Christian compassionate vote for providing healthcare for all Americans at an affordable price. It has been marketed as such for the last year. But after much personal investigation and study I come to know the Health Reform Bill to not be as advertized. It is in reality a marketing tool itself. An instrument to bring about a change in this country that our founding fathers feared would happen if it's people became less than vigilant in selecting those that represent their interests and freedoms. Am I here to spread hate in the guise of Christian piety? Let it never be. The hate I spread is only hate for deception, lies and thieves. Am I here to spread fear? May it never be. For I believe that God did not give us a spirit of fear but a sound mind. I do believe as Christians we do have a responsibility to warn people in leadership of their own self deception that can result in taking away not only our liberty, but theirs as well. I do believe we have a responsibility as Americans to vent every bill that comes before those that represent us and if we find that it is not good to tell other Americans.

Any legislation that requires bribes,kickbacks,strategic marketing,lobbiests,political manuvers and secrecy must not be good for anyone. It is liken to the poison in the koolade for those in Jim Jones cult group.

People from every country, American states and Indian Rezs that are currently under Government run Healthcare have told us don't even think of going there. Danger Will Robinson, Danger. This has also persuaded me.

I looked at Cuba. The country Waters bragged on. What I find out was horrific.


The analysis of great minds.

I checked out info on other blogs

And on further investigation I am finding out there is more than Health Reform law buried in this unread tomb.

There is much more that I found out that is even more horrifying so I feel even more urgency in fighting against this trojan horse built specifically to bury our American freedoms we so dearly love. I also want to protect my right and your right to keep what you work for and spend your money in the way you see fit and not go through a second party. Our nation is a nation of faith and we over the many years are a generous nation that has aided others around the world and at home when they are in need. We do not need a forced engine to drive us to share our blessings. We already do.

I read about a recent Christian group that has established their own Healthcare fund. Each member pays in and when one member ends up in hospital or needs expensive test the fund pays out. That's folks helping folks at a grassroots level. Now they they don't pay for every living thing and folks are responsible for living as healthy of a life as they can. This form is what insurance was originally designed for chronic serious health issues only. But, folks pariticipating in it seem to like it.

I urge everyone to vote NO today in the legislature. I urge everyone to pray that eyes and hearts will be opened to the folly in this bill. And I urge all those able to try to show up today and voice your opinion to those voting today.

May God Bless America and her Freedom

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