Monday, March 8, 2010

Obamacare Let's Make a Deal

I think we have all been told if it sounds to good to be true it probably is... I think we have also learned that every huge bill presented to the public will cost more than promised and break before we even begin to use it. The Obama/Pelosi Health Bill is nothing more than the biggest money and power grab in the history of this country. The problem with this bill is that it is a life and death situtation. The Democrat progressive engine is deliberately going against the will of the people. It is simply theft. It is no better than a home invasion with street thugs going for your money and valuables. This engine is going for bribery,elimination of opponents within their own party through skeleton digging and spending even more money flying Obama around for photo ops with pathetically uninformed brainwashed followers. IE students and black folk who think he is family and looking for a handout. Get off of the feds plantation brothers and sisters cause the gravy train is breaking down and soon you will be slaves again too. The wealthy will retreat to other more friendly countries and the struggling working class will say what the heck why work and bail. The big push for this Health Tax and that is what it is another tax is to finance the career politicians own bank accounts without printing more American dollars. They can no longer print more money to get them reelected. If they do it will completely collapse the economy.
It is time for real change and impeach Obama and his thugs and vote the remainder out of office. Create two year term limits for all federal offices and supreme court justices. Use online conference calling to connect representatives and general votes for all issues of import. Close every federal agency excluding national defense. End all income and property taxes and switch to itemized feebased services for trash,mail,education that are provided by the private sector. This will creat jobs that are not funded by the government or controlled by taxpayer funded unions. Start Federal and State sales taxes of 5 percent each on everything but food,fuel and healthcare to cover roads bridges,sewer, firefighting and law enforcement. Any increase to said taxes would come to a public vote. Place a 10 percent tariff on all imports. Cut off all lifetime benefits of any retired politician. The majority are multimillionaires anyway. For those who have paid into the social security system over the years the saving and profits gained from closing agencies and selling off property and goods will go to paying each and every individual a lump sum based on money paid in plus interest to be determined.
No more deals Obama. The American people aren't buying what you are selling. Time to slam the scam artist and kick him to the curb.

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