Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Few Thousand Show Up for Beck and Call Rally

Just kidding folks. A million patriotic Americans of every flavor showed up to support the troops,celebrate the best country in the world(America),cheer with America's best national treasure and cheerleader Glenn Beck, and praise the Lord. I truely think Glenn was worried no one would show up. Glenn........ Even you underestimated the fervor of American's love for God and Country. Shame on you. Tears filled the eyes of every speaker and performer as they all seemed truely overwhelmed at the supersized turnout. I look forward to seeing how the MSNBC and CNN blowhards try to spin this as a small racist get together. But they will. Let them go ahead. I think Americans have found their resolve, their strength in the good Lord and got on their feet to prove it. When voting in November remember to pray first and then consider each candidate and ask yourself what your values are and who supports the ideals you believe in and what direction the country needs to go. Also ask yourself what you need to do to stop the current regime from crushing the American Dream. Voting should be a no brainer. This rally was an astounding success and a glaring example that the Americans know what they need to do to succeed and restore the American Dream. Washington be afraid, be very afraid the American Train is rolling on through and prepare for the moving van cause you're headed out of town.


  1. Obama's Newest Czar Say"Don't Worry, Get Drunk" - SHOCKING story is at:

    Peace! :-)

  2. Crosstalk America broadcast a great program on the dangers of the Glenn Beck rally.

  3. I appreciate evangelical's concerns for Beck because of his newly adopted church choice. Having met the author of the great book "Mormonism,Momma and Me by Thelma Greer. I am aware of the theological issues of this church. That said, having been a long time fan of Beck's radio and TV shows and watched the entire Rally I can honestly say he is not about converting folks to new age religions or any form of Mormonism. At his heart he is person that loves God and Jesus as the Messiah, not a prophet. He was more about people of all faiths who love God and Country being what God intended a force for good in this world and nothing more. In the books of the apostles after the death and resurrection of Christ we read even in the first century churches that error and argument arose amongst the churches. Ultimately God will judge the heart. Is your heart towards him and does your fruit bear witness? King David lived before the messiah and did despicable things and yet it was said he was a man after God's own heart. Job had every bad thing that could happen along with his wife and friends against him. He was a convert to the Hebrew faith. And in the end God called him righteous. In this regard I take Glenn. I look at his heart and I do not second guess what God is doing. I also see the fruits of the rally. Many people were blessing others that day. I heard many wonderful stories. And ultimately they raised over 5 mil for the troops and their families. As an full gospel bible believing Christian who has worked in ministries I have met people of all denominations and faiths and many not biblically correct. But I have also found that I don't limit God's ability to teach his truths in odd places and through less than perfect people through the perfect power and wisdom of his Holy Spirit. He used a legalistic Paul to spread the gospel to the gentiles and I figure that in the final bit of it all he can even use a new former Catholic Mormon convert to inspire bible believing Christians to be a Godly force in America to hasten his coming and make one final gathering from the field. That said I have included your comment. Peace my brothers and sisters in Christ.