Sunday, August 29, 2010

What Should Mr. Smith Do in Washington?

It has been standard behavior by voters to vote for and re elect representatives in local and federal government who will bring back the most money to their home town or state. We brag that so and so brought back all this money or sponsored this or that law that provided for so much for us. Taxes were low then, the value of the dollar was high, credit was plentiful, jobs available, home values showed a good return on value invested, each generation did better than the last and all was well with the world and as said in the book "Cannery Row" "the world was spinning in greased grooves."But as America progressed it's children like the children of the wisest man in the bible Solomon, the Anthony Robbins of his time, the children became lazy and spoiled demanding more and more and working less and less. The great society collapsed and the children and grand children of Solomon lost the kindom and all became enslaved. Americans no different than the children of the wisest man have also lost their way. Looking for every handout they can and not noticing that their governments are reaching into their back pockets for the very same dollars they are trying to get back. But soon this cyclic activity bore it's inevitable fruit, corruption at the deepest levels of government, bankrupt states, derelict cities, high unemployment and even higher numbers of people on the government dole.

What we should be voting for is Mr. Smiths who help us keep what we have in our pockets and stop laws that limit our abilities to go out and create our own businesses, jobs and lives that enrich us and our communities.

In small town America the most prosperous of us would build the libraries, hospitals, and schools, not the government. Instead of giving our livelihood away for other's to decide where it best can be spent, let us take responsibility for our own destinies. Let us look to ourselves for our own survival and look to government only for state and national defense.

When we put too many middlemen between ourselves and our means to advance we are setting ourselves up for failure. Without a life preserver we are more likely to learn to swim, without training wheels we are more likely to learn to peddle faster and better. Without a motorized wheel chair that knee replacement patient is more likely to learn to walk without assistance.

It is time we stop bragging on these professional politicians (who are really the most experienced citizens at living off the public dole) for getting this and that for their state. It is time we start bragging on those that have the courage to vote NO on more government redistributions of your own money and NO on more laws that chip a way at our freedom of self determination. Let us elect men and woman who write bills that curb government legislating every aspect of our lives and start fighting bills in court that have been passed that go against the very will of the people that elected them.

The far left have called conservatives the party of no, the party of no compassion, the party of racists, the party of no ideas.

But this is not true. As Solomon said there is nothing "new" under the sun. The old values of hard work and taking responsibility for ourselves and helping the infirm are as old as time itself. The only time the chosen people fell into to death, desease and bad times is when they forgot the age old principles God had laid out for them in his early levitical laws. As Christ told us he came not to change the laws but to fulfill them. We like the Pharisees have inserted so much of ourselves into our philisophies we have crowded out the simple truths of God. God is our manufacturer. He knows how we work best individually and as a group. The rules are simple and clear and we have taken many lifetimes to muck it up. It is time to get back to the basics of governance. It is time to ask Mr. Smith to teach our local and national governments to go back to the simple levels of government involvement in our lives and allow us the freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

We have looked for the enemy and it is us Pogo, it is time we kill that enemy, forget past hurts and slights, stop looking for someone to bail us out of our own self created messes and pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start again taking back our lives and our futures instead of putting our trust in men who care not for you but for their own petty ambitions for power and money. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of watching elected officials take lavish vacations, hold lavish dinners and other displays of power and wealth on my hard earned dime. These self absorbed emperors of all they survey brag about the redistributed wealth they have picked from our well worn pockets and at the same time tell us with croc tears that they feel our pain and state the obvious of the problems as if they care and understand. Then they hop into their limos and their first class airline seats or private government jets and go home on Thursday for their "weekend" not to be seen until Tuesday to wine and dine and boat and jet with the well heeled masses at the club or play 3 rounds of golf etc. You get the picture. It is time to elect real Mr. and Mrs. Smith who have only one goal and that is to get governments off our back and out of our pockets and then go home to go on to live the same lives they left.

When you go to the polls in November think on these things. Isn't about time we free the slaves for real this time. Isn't it about time we cut the chains that bind us. Isn't it about time we are really free?

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