Sunday, December 19, 2010

How Bad Would It Be if the Government Goes Bankrupt?

The Obama admin has been using lies and fear tactics to manipulate the American public into actions that only in the end will cut their freedoms, create more governmental control of every cent we earn and manage every aspect of our lives resulting in a bloated government consuming our labor.

Would it be so bad if the government went bankrupt and closed down? Think of the government jobs that would become private industry again, think of all men and women training themselves to use a gun and defend their own property like minute men of the past, think of being able to keep every penny you make to be able to help your old folks, home school your kids, built a home and really own it after you payed for it instead of worrying about property taxes or death taxes for your loved ones. Think about the number of people who have stayed on unemployment rather than creating their own employment motivated to get off the dole and get buzy. Think of the renewed healthcare free from government restrictions and paperwork. Think of the farmers allowed to plant heirloom seed instead of genetically altered seed. Would it really be so bad? Or, would it be a return to that era of freedom that was first created by a few good men willing to give everything they had to get out from under the shackles of Britain's slavery?

I don't know about you, but I am willing to give up my illusion of status quo for what's behind that door of uncertainty. What is certain to come if we continue down the Obama path is destruction of what made America the only country the world's downtrodden wanted to come to no matter the sacrifice. If the Government shuts down I don't think America will shrivel up and die. I think after the fire the forest will bloom again and be reborn from the ashes. We need to stop listening to them tell us we aren't smart enough to handle our money in our own best interests and we don't need a bunch of elitist ivy league academians who have never held a real job or managed a business manage our money for us. The government can shut down and I will be there to lock the doors and sell off the property. Disney could buy it and turn it into a historic theme park. Bring all of our soldiers home, close all the foreign bases and sell those properties and hire our men and woman to defend and protect our borders and process illegals. Our best and brightest should be here my friend not defending countries that in the end wish to destroy us. And how about calling in the debt for rebuilding the old world after WWII? I think that would more than cover our debt to China and Japan.

I always remember the old saying less is more. If the government closed down tomorrow, I think we would be able to more than survive.

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