Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Is Spreading Democracy Costing our Freedom?

I am known for being a great supporter of our military men and women in uniform. I still am. Military service is a part of my family and I still have members of my family currently serving.

What I have begun asking these days is while our family members are out risking life and limb for others it seems our very freedom here in our country is being quickly eroded away and I fear when our family members return home they will not find any freedom.

For the last 100 years or so we have not as a country become imperialists as liberals like to paint us, but we have become the world police. I began doing a little research into exactly how many bases we have outside the US and I was completely shocked at the numbers. Don't get me wrong, I understand it is better to fight the enemy abroad rather than on our shores and keeping your friends close and your enemies closer, but it seems to me we have gotten ourselves into a bloated situation of commitment of money and troops abroad while leaving the hen house vulnerable to the foxes.

I have said before we need to circle our wagons and bring our troops home to guard our borders against foreign invaders, illegal immigration, drug trafficing and airport security. By bringing all these troops home we will recreate the economies of dead cities and truely create jobs. It would also result in lowering military and state costs. The border states and port states have been begging for help for quite some time now.

I'd like you to read this very comprehensive article written a few years ago about the number of bases we have around the world. And I would like you do your own research on this topic and then consider informing your legislators on the subject.,_and_we_simply_never_talk_about_it/?page=1

Is spreading democracy costing our freedom? You decide.

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