Sunday, September 22, 2013

Morality in America

The recent moral decline of performer Miley Cyrus and other young performers like her causes me much heart ache not only for them, but also for those other impressionable young girls that are their devoted fans.  This need for extremely young girls between the ages of 13 and 24 to behave in sexually suggestive  manners is disturbing.  I mourn for the pure innocence that young girls and women have no chance of retaining.  The children and the young adults of this world are all to soon dryed up haggered looking 50 year olds at 28.  Bitter, distrustful, jaded and hopeless many choose drugs and liquour for escape followed by suicide. 

Miley looking for her father's love in all the wrong places, putting her trust in weak jaded people has fallen off a cliff that many have gone before.

Morality is more than doing good things, it's about doing the right thing.  And what is wrong and what is right?  In today's world it's whatever you think it is.  But thoughts based on feelings are built on shakey ground.  If we based our behavior on the outcome rather than the immediate moment of pleasure we'd might make entirely different decisions.

Back in the days of old their was a great King named Solomon.  He was the Anthony Robbins of his time.  Successful and extremely wealthy his kindom was happy, healthy and well taken care of by god far better than any other kingdom of the day.  The great kings from surrounding countries and lands would kneel at his feet to listen to his wisdom.  The knowledge that he held came directly from God.  Wisdom was all he prayed for as a young man and God honoring his unselfish request granted his prayer.  He followed all of Gods instructions for a successful life for the most part. However, he failed to follow his instruction in a couple of areas.  One, he married outside his culture and his faith and allowed those wives to  build shrines and worship in error.  Second, he spoiled his children and did not teach them the joy of hard work, responsibility for their people and appreciation of their blessings from God.  Even the wisest man of his time who did good things made poor choices based on feelings rather than God's wisdom.  He knew what was right and what was wrong.

All the secrets of how to make right decisions are contained in the words of God to the Hebrews and later the teachings of Jesus God as a man.  And he left us his spirit to further aid us in doing what is right so that we could not be corrupted by false teaching or feelings.

Morality in America has been in moral decline for decades and is ever rapidly increasing.  We have forgotten what is right and wrong.  We have driven God the author of truth from our homes, our government and our hearts to follow after our own selfish endeavors. Many do not even feel any sense of conviction in their hearts for repentance anymore when they live in wrong behavior.  It is as if the cricket of our heart has died. 

We have become a selfish society and is it any wonder why God has removed his hand of blessings and protection over it's governments and people.  We have all become phoney panhandlers on the street with hand outstretched when we are more than able to be self supporting and a blessing to our world.  Americans voted in a phoney president to carry on this agenda of moral decline. He continues to engineer a dependent decadent society with the appearance of a man who does good things.  But one only needs to study the fruits of his actions to see that he is not a good man who knows right from wrong.  He thumbs his nose at the rule of law such as the constitution and acts as if he above the law.

In the ancient world the Hebrews, God's chosen people fell into error just as we have.  They no longer followed his teachings, did not keep the day of rest he had created for man,  lost his teachings contained in the book dictated to Moses as well as the stone tablets with the 10 Godly rules for living.  God removed his hand of protection for a time.  The Hebrews fell into decay economically, in health, crops etc.  They had come to cheat each other and not care about each other.  God told them he would not even listen to their prayers even as they prayed with tears streaming down their faces.  He told them when they cheated each other it was as if they were cheating him.  Soon from their suffering in their moral decline they turned back to God's instructions and located the book and the tablets and reestablished doing those things that God had told them that were right and good. The Lord God then returned his blessings and protections to his repentant  chosen people.

Peace, love, patience,kindness, plenty etc can not be legislated or come with feelings or redistributed.  It comes with reestablishing a connection and a relationship with the one who created all of us.  He knows how we run best and longest.  When we change our inner man thru Christ our world will be blessed.  You want to redirect your children confess your errors and tell them to use you as a cautionary tale not an instruction guide or an excuse to repeat history life. Set a good example by your repentance and be a parent that teaches right from wrong in word and deed.   Show them right from wrong and use the words of God to show them the way.  For the Christ is without spot or blemish.  He is the lamb.  His words are the compass for our hearts and not our feelings for they are selfish and can be deceived

We have lost our moral compass and our knowledge of right and wrong.  And we have reaped the rotten fruit of our actions. Morality in American can be renewed if only we would get rid of our self defeating guilt of the evil one, the accuser and be convicted by the lamb to renew and revive our love and obedience to his words of love and instruction.  That is where our hope lies. That will be our saving grace that heals the morality in America.

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