Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why Repubs are the Heros in the Obamacare Fight

Let me state up front that Obama care is unconstitutional.  Obama knows this,his handlers and co conspirators know this and they are mad as hell that the American people know this and that the majority of Americans don't want this to continue.  Finally the Conservatives voted into office are using their authority to stop this illegal money grab that has nothing to do with reducing health care costs and everything to do with government control of our lives.  That is why they are heroes.  The media and the Dem PR machine will pull out all stops to scare the American people with the threat of shut down and paint the Repubs as evil and heartless.

It has been known for years the simple small changes that can be instituted to insure reduced health care costs.  Tax deduction increases for medical expenses.  Reduction of years of exclusivity on maintenance drugs for major diseases.  Allowing interstate insurance purchasing.  Ala Carte insurance policies.  Etc. 

Facts Obama does not want you to know.  Seniors who made a lot of money currently pay higher premiums for their insurance policies that are based on income they made.  Now they will seek out the subsidized and sign up for in in the Medicare sign up window.  These additional parties will be one of many who will be clogging up the phone lines with the government and come Oct 1 their system will crash.

Average monthly health care payments will be at least equal to a car payment.  Parents, more of your adult children may be moving back in with you because many can't afford a car payment size bill and rent.  And they may find their entry level job cut to part time because businesses will not be able to afford health care for these new workers.  Not to mention that many more people may be riding the already overburden bus system.  And your employer may choose to discontinue your company health insurance because of the increased costs and just pay the fine which may be cheaper or they may pass along the increased cost to you because of the new requirements due to Obama care for those private insurance companies.

And if you think overall costs out of pocket and quality of health care will improve think again.  Ask many older doctors why they are choosing early retirement.  Ask why hospitals can't get enough nurses who do the bulk of the patient care to apply for the openings with out hefty monetary bonuses..Examine failing and costly Universal Health care England, France, Canada  and the state of Mass. . Countries with these programs have been bankrupted by their systems and increased wait time for needed procedures even in the case of an emergency result in needless amputations and even death.

The profit aspect of health care is exactly what has created our cutting edge medical prowess in America.  Sure there are small changes that need to be made.  But their is no reason other than political vulture greed for more power and control of the American people to continue with this fiasco that Dem's signed on without reading.  You can not tell me payoffs and threats were not made by the Obama Administration to push that mess through. 

As with anything the handlers of Obama have him try to sell to the American People it always involves promising the taxpayer and supporter of the government more pie in the sky while slipping their hand in your paycheck.  The result is always a return of less for your money and a creation of another means to control you.

Case in point.  The "Government Shutdown" threat that could result in civil servants with the military and military and seniors not getting their checks.  Bull.  the legislature has a mandate and obligation to make good on these have to pay bills.  They vote in a temporary specific bill to make sure their obligation are met.  They can do this now and are required to do this now by existing law.  Dems and Obama prefer you to think otherwise. 

Fighting against this pack of lies and standing up for the American people takes courage and faith for these representatives because they can be more likely defeated in the next election. The Dem machine will pull out all stops to steal and manipulate the next elections because they don't like to lose their strangle hold on the American peoples pocket book. Repubs also know if they lose reelection all of America will lose hold of their control of their pocket book and their lives. Karl Marx stated that America would be overthrown thru the economy not by arms.  The Dems have been long since infiltrated with Communists.  Their agenda has been slowly implemented like turning the boil up on a frog in a pot. It's time to jump out the pot people or we are going to die as a country of freedom and opportunity.  A government shut down would be a good thing.  Believe me.

We have two agendas fighting in our government.  Not two  parties.  One to give the money back to the American people so that they can afford to take care of themselves and their families in peace and freedom.  And the other that wants to recreate the British socialist state in which all incentive to work is gone and the people are dependant and controlled like cattle for the slaughter for the small minority of wealthy government officials and the select old world wealthy families.  These folks can't stand poor and middle class American success stories because it means they can no longer rule over us.  It means the elite is dead.

What can you do?  Learn about the failure of universal health care in other countries and the state of Mass.  Spread the word.  Support your local Repub who is fighting for you and tell your friends.  In America we celebrate our heroes.  Lets do it now.

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