Monday, February 8, 2016

Random Thoughts

The narrowing Republican field, the heated competition between a Socialist and a Social Marxist, the Super Bowl, Beyoncé, Feminism, Birth Control and Wine, and are Drug and Alcohol addictions diseases?

As the field of candidates staying in the race for Republican presidential offering I hope the vitriol of the supporters doesn't turn ugly and folks concentrate on the issues rather than making issues out of rumors and lies.  I know it's important to be confident and act like a winner.  But folks, don't have an inflated view of yourself.  Sometimes the slightly less than slick pocket protector kid that carries a briefcase and has a school picture haircut is the one who leads the guys in the concentration camp out to freedom.   Beware of slick Willies that throw money around who want the job because all the other things they've be striving for have lost there luster.  This is the last hurrah before they die.  Consider the guys that have waited until the country is finally ready to hear the truth, the hard choices and sacrifices they will need to make a free and independent country again.

Hillary and Bernie.  Sounds like a failed sitcom. Hillary she's a unlikable woman living in a sham marriage.  She is trying bond with a daughter raised by nannies. She thought she would finally get to be leader of a big country.  Bernie an lovable old radical grouch who keeps trying to legalize pot for his Glaucoma and still thinks he's eighteen and tax payer revenue should be everyone's sugar Daddy.  Watch how they back and forth until both of them join forces and become co presidential running mates.

Super Bowl losers can either be sore losers or masters at being good sports.  Getting pouty and taking your ball home makes me wonder if the fellow is getting over paid.  The Denver quarterback let credit be given to whom credit was due and that was Denver's defense.  I could tell he did not feel he had much to do with the win.  I think he sees the writing on the wall.  Best to go out on a high note and share your knowledge with the next gen.

Madeline Albright made the comment that there would be a special kind of hell for  women who did not support a fellow woman like Hillary for Pres.  What?  I have know women like Hillary who wouldn't think twice about throwing another woman under the bus if it would benefit them or fulfill some need for vengeance.  Woman have a history of being far more violent and corruptible than men.  I have worked in all female operations and all male operations.  The female operations were not pleasant.  I have found more help and encouragement from men throughout my career than women.  The few women friends that I bonded with were those like myself that did not want special treatment and strived only to be twice as good as others to achieve advancement.  Excellence breeds  success. We also shared the respect for motherhood and homemaking and tried to help those that were required by economics or situation to balance both.  If woman are voted in just because they are a woman and they are a dismal failure it makes it very hard for a talented qualified woman to ever be elected for that position again.  I experienced that when interviewing for a job where previous women performed poorly.  The questions I was asked...  When I heard a special Sunday night talk show guest (a lead news anchor from Fox) say the same thing I was cheering.  Don't vote for someone because they look like you.  Vote for the best person for the job.

The government health folks are advising woman to not drink alcohol if they are not on birth control because alcohol of any kind can harm a baby even at it's start.  Now I'm all for no alcohol for woman and not harming babies.  But is this really what this is about?  Do you think it's more about more woman on the pill and zero population control in the less desirables?

I was watching a forum on addictions at a church that Cruz attended in the Shire.  He related a story about a sibling I think who was an addict and how he tried to help her and take care of her son and then he related how his Dad was an alcoholic and how he had already left one family because of it and how he left his second family.  Then he related how his dad had moved back to Texas from Canada and was invited to church.  Long story short his dad had been saved, stopped drinking and rejoined his family. His dad became a pastor. 

Cruz and others, parents of addicts in particular, mentioned how hard it was to get proper treatment or finding the right treatment.  In this day and age of the internet it hard to imagine that information is hard to find. One man from a faith based program hit the nail on the head that it is a spiritual problem and without God there is no rehab.  Thus the higher success of the 12 step program.  People have to hit rock bottom to be successful at being helped and without God you will not have the power to overcome the addiction.  In God's infinite wisdom he left his holy spirit to provide you the resolve and strength to resist the physical addiction, selfish desires, and the lure of old scratch and stop the self destruction. Then and only then will addicts succeed.  You can't kidnap someone and force them into rehab and expect success.  I've seen it personally time and time again.  God has to be in the mix and you the addict have to really seriously want it. And if you don't want it ask God for help to give you the serious desire to quit.

As a teen I never drank or smoked.  Real different than my friends.  They respected me and never pressured me.  I was blessed with  great parents and a loving home and so I had no need to self medicate. As a diabetic it wasn't a good idea.  Later in my twenties I did try adult beverages like wine, beer, hard liquor mixed drinks. I liked  the flavor and I soon could see that the alcoholism that had plagued my mother's biological father and my father's paternal grandfather could be in me.  That desire.  Sins of the father. I even got real drunk at a party at home. You know blackout in your own puke. I was lucky with the diabetes I didn't die. So I asked God to take the desire from me.  And he did.  I still have an occasional NA beer or NA glass of wine. The real stuff just doesn't taste good to me.  Isn't that neat? I never did like feeling out of control and I definitely did not want to die.

So is addiction to drugs and or alcohol a disease?  I think they classify it that way for insurance coverage.  And like disease, addictions can destroy health and kill the body.  But unlike disease it is not something a pill or medicine or surgery or even mental health counseling can heal.  As Christ told the guys when they came to him about someone they could not heal.  He said that the one they were trying to help could only be helped by prayer and fasting.  In other words he had an illness of the spirit. 

I met a man who had died for 28 minutes and he told me about his out of body experience. While he was in spirit Jesus joined him and they flew into a bar and he watched men and women drinking at the bar and he also saw humans like himself in spirit standing next to the drinkers grabbing at the drinks in frustration.  As soon as someone would pass out the spirit would jump inside the living person and drink.  The man asked Jesus what this was all about.  And Jesus told him remember what I said about be not attached to things of this earth?  Scary Uh? In other words alcohol was the most important thing in their life while on earth.

So I think that calling addiction a disease can be comforting to loved ones because it suggests there is a medical cure for this problem.  But addictions are a far more serious and many times need more spiritual redress.  God did not leave us without a solution.  Even our desire for healing can be provided by the compassionate gift of his very special spirit. His strength of will becomes ours.  It's about that putting on the full armor of God. You can do anything with God.  His specialty is making beautiful things out of what others have rejected.  He is the first recycler. Start your morning not with the thought of taking your next drink or next hit but what adventure or mission he has for you today.  And take it one day at a time.  You will be so busy you will forget about your addiction. I've been living in the moment my whole life and it's never been dull. When people ask me what my plans are I never have answer. But I know what's ahead will be my next greatest adventure yet. And God will be kicking me in the butt to do it.

And a last word to the candidates of faith.  God said be of good cheer if men hate you for they hated me.  His own people rejected him.  I pray that we the people are better at recognizing a Godly savior for this dysfunctional Republic before its too late. 

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