Sunday, February 28, 2016

Super Tuesday

The press is telling folks who is going to be the next general election candidates.  They tell folks it will be Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  For me having investigated these candidates I will for the first time not participate in voting in the general election if that is the result.  Yes, me.  I don't think there is a real choice here and BOTH candidates will bring down our Republic.  I don't want to be one of the people to pull THAT trigger.  With that in mind, I share with you my thoughts about the primary and my the action to take for you consider.

To be president requires more than insane obsession for power, money and fame.  It requires more than surface knowledge or singular points of view.  To be president is to be a selfless servant. Kasich when asked who was his favorite President he said "George Washington because he didn't want the job.  He believed in doing his job and then going back home."  I would have to agree with that choice.

John Kasich was for most of his life a career politician. He took a ten year break working in banking and other activities and gained perspectives from the private sector that he said made him a better leader than he had been.  Ohio has thrived with Kasich in the driver's seat.  I like Kasich very much. He is the best of career politicians who understands he is a public servant and facilitator of the people he represents. Like a boss of a successful company he gets folks of diverse areas to work together for sensible and creative solutions to tough problems that benefits all. He has a balanced personality and a quiet but firm captain with a good moral compass.  I think he'd make a great president.

Marco Rubio is the son of hard working Cuban immigrants.  A boot strap kid who came up the hard way with a quest to pay back the country that gave him the opportunity to thrive.  As a Floridian I benefited from Rubio's years in our Florida Government and I voted for him when he desired to go to Washington.  He is the little engine that could and in a blockaded Democrat controlled legislature he decided to go around rather than thru and work from inside out.  He knew that his desires would have to come piece by piece and that approach probably would not be well received by his hard line supporters.  But they look through a glass darkly.  By being on the inside like the hired help he would be able to see the process and how he might be a positive influence and gain access and respect from hostile appoinents into modifying what originally was a completely far left filled bill. He has boundless energy and drive to preserve the Republic and help his fellow citizens to thrive.  He cherishes freedom.  I think he'd be a great VP.He could step up to lead the country if something happened to the president and perform seamlessly. And, when 8 years are up he would run successfully for the presidency.

Ted Cruz is a strident evangelical legislator.  His ambitions are fueled by his desire to restore a Judeo Christian approach to current legislation.  The Romans initially also saw the value of government based on Jewish codes of governess and based their government on those values.  They prospered initially and became the major player in the world spreading their influence throughout the known world at the time.  It was not until they had deviated from this form of government that they fell into decay and disappeared. Ted is an uncompromising force of nature and someone I am grateful is in our legislature.  There has to be someone there who can spot the flaws in logic and reason in legislation that comes through the portals of the legislative body and is willing to be persistent and resolved to stop it and convince the opposition of their folly.  He has to have a firm grip on confidence and  be unafraid to be friendless.  Often when you don't go along with the crowd you stand alone.  This is Ted's strength.  At this point I think we still need him in the legislature. This is where all law begins.  I don't believe in line item Vetoes. Eliminating that option forces the legislature to stop passing massive legislation in one bill.  This eliminates Socialism and forces lawmakers to deal with issues individually and one at a time.  The Health care issues could have been addressed comprehensively with 5 to 10 targeted bills and we would have solved these problems a long time ago without punitive taxes and government overstepping.  I believe this is what Ted is all about in his activities in the legislature.

I think voters should not let the press or polls with only samplings influence you how to vote.  The press loves Trump and have given him more free air time than any other candidate because he is colorful and a rating booster.  They have created a media monster. A monster I know they will regret as he kills their 1st amendment rights. He doesn't like bad press. No con man does.  He like Obama has never been vetted by the media because that would be like killing the golden goose.  Trump is a skilled media mogul.  Take a look at this revealing and thoughtful piece on the subject.

I know you the reader like me do not like being manipulated into how to think.

For Hillary running against a self proclaimed Socialist was a given to guarantee Hillary would look more moderate and level headed than she really behaves.  In other words if you place a 20 year old car that's been well taken care of next to a brand new BMW that has been in a crash you'll choose the older car. 

Hillary is a skilled and polished speaker when reading a well prepared speech that promises every thing and pushes the buttons of her target audiences.  The pointed speech convinces devotees  that Hillary understands their pain and really cares about them. Who does that sound like I wonder?
Hillary has a long well documented history of criminal activity and incompetency and far left Social Marxist tendencies with Elitist ideals that the "People" are too stupid to decide for themselves.  The number of disgusted Obama voters in both African American and White voter blocks blindly following her, sorta proves her point.  The definition of insanity.... The part that bothers me the most ,if God forbid she is elected, she like Obama during her tenure will make it impossible for other women who are qualified and needed to ever be elected president again. Obama has made it equally impossible for persons of color to be elected.  I have hear more than one individual state that they wouldn't even consider Dr. Carson because of his color.  I am sadden and angry by this unfortunate result.

Dr. Carson, a great patriot, man of faith and great medical mind and doctor has stated that if the results of Super Tuesday are not good for him he most likely will consider dropping out.  What we do have in him I think is a strong desire to serve his country and I believe he would entertain an offer to be a part of a conservative cabinet.  I could see him as a dynamic Surgeon General or head of Health and Human Services.

I hope before you vote in your primaries you will take the time to thoughtfully consider ALL the candidates equally.  Look at their work history, their past and present, look at their character and do the fruits of their labor benefit them or others, do they talk the talk AND walk the walk, do they have a criminal background and who are their close business and personal friends. Find out what to believe and not what you ALREADY believe.  LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE.  We are at a crossroads.  Pray for God to guide you and give you supernatural discernment as you make your decision.  All wisdom comes from God.

You know my thoughts and I pray you take this extra time before Super Tuesday to take another look at your choice.

I pray that God gives us the leader that we need and not the one we deserve.

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