Sunday, April 10, 2016

Capitalism Bad Boy?

"Unchecked Capitalism" has been recently coined as the cause of all the ills of the world including the other hot term "Climate Change."  So let's first define "Capitalism." 

an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.
synonyms:free enterprise, private enterprise, the free market;
"the capitalism of emerging nations"
In countries that have tried the alternative like Russia and China people lived in poverty and prosecution.  China has been the biggest violators of unhealthy manufacturing work conditions as well as creator of hazardous impacts on the environment.  Rebellion was the result and now both countries are allowing workers to develop product and industry by and for their own profit. 76% of the people in China believe they are better off in a free market economy. Today the Shanghai Stock Exchange is the third largest in the world through market capitalization. We Americans as the biggest importer are influencing China in product safety and worker safety. China is also a huge importer of raw materials. Materials we can supply. China is basing their monetary system on gold. Sound familiar.  Soon they will be one of the biggest importers of consumer goods.
Some of the inequality that people perceive in industry salary and wages are due to two things.  Most large companies are publically traded and therefore without a regular 10% increase in value investment capital shrinks and sustainability of said company dwindles. Investors include the average joe who has a  401k plan.  The biggest expense most companies have is employees and therefore an area which most work to reduce by automation, reductions in salary and benefits. Overregulation and taxation can also move a company to closure. 
Even small businesses in American have a difficult time surviving.
Companies if they want to survive will follow trends in the desires and needs of the consumer.  Just look at food in the grocery stores. You can find Organic, Gluten Free, Grass Fed, Free Range, Cage Free, and the list goes on.  We are a free market and the consumer directs the producers.  Companies have moved to social media to stay in touch with their consumers to further hone their products. New jobs have been created for social media managers and analysts.
America's form of capitalism is far from unchecked.  The market is regulated by government regulations and taxes and by consumers themselves.  Workers themselves determine their salaries by whom they choose to work for, education aspirations, personal choices, and their own consumerism.  We are the captains of our future. Self determination is the hallmark of our Republic.  If it seems unfair to you, change what you are doing. Start your own business. That's America.
Wars usually are about envy and greed. People who aren't fortunate enough to be in a free society suffer and are envious and move others in their situation to blame others for their fate and seek to steal, kill and destroy said people thru War and Violence.  If people are able to work freely for everything they need they are less likely to start War for fear of loosing that which they have worked so hard.
As far as climate change and global warning. There are industries that depend on this to be true. It's not. Never has been. Key politicos like Al Gore are heavily invested in solar, wind and other boondoggles that are subsidized by u the taxpayer. Working with foreign oil suppliers they artificially raised the cost of traditional fuels.  This cut into their market and now foreign oil suppliers fought back by lowering prices. Remember the so called gas shortages of the 70's. We as voters need to send a message and need to educate our leaders that this climate change and global warming propaganda doesn't fly. I loved it when Kasich said we have to be good managers of our resources but we have to really look at what is reasonable and proper. He gets it.
The only capitalism our government doesn't seem to check anymore is monopolies. They seem to not enforce the antitrust laws on the books because they have heavily invested in or have be supported by said companies. This is something we citizens should keep track of with our elected officials. 
Greed and envy are the roots of the ill in the world not capitalism. Love of money is the cause.  Money can help in the right hands and harm in the wrong hands. Thus the check of antitrust laws. And ultimately what directs our hearts is the love of God.  If we love God we seek to emulate him and if we emulate him the whole world is a more peaceful place.

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