Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Universal Healthcare Conundrum

Obamacare was designed in the words of Social Marxist Obama to fail. It was a plan to get folks on board with a social program that would cost more money then you make and give you nothing in return. It was an excuse for a massive tax increase to folks of the working poor who make too much to qualify for the very assistance they are paying for in the penalty tax for the very same people who never buy insurance and still pay for cable, lease new cars and take vacations. None of which the working poor do. Insurance under Obamacare is astronomical because it has to cover everything. None of which the typical insurance did that folks often received if they were full time employee at a large company or could buy through an organization like the small business organizations. Insurance was there to cover emergency care. You would purchase additional riders for chronic healthcare like cancer, diabetic conditions, heart disease etc. You would also purchase riders for long term health care. They cost extra and pay back was based on size of coverage. Later large pool programs included discounts on drugs and maintenance drugs for major health issues. Doctors, hospitals, health practices agreed to certain fees to gain large groups of customers without the need for advertising as more and more health care professionals came into the field. When caps on legal medical cases rose from reasonable compensation to unlimited and drug law suits turned into class action suits that primarily benefit the lawyers malpractice insurance rose to astronomical levels raising the overhead costs of medical care. Paperwork is at an all time high and large staffs are needed to keep track of all this have also raised medical costs and forced small medical offices out of business. GPs have to see more an more patients and spend less and less time with people often overlooking the obvious and depending on more and more testing to cover lack of observation. Half of good medical care is spending time with the patient and asking good questions. It is rather a detective activity. This requires time. Appointments can be extremely difficult to obtain for basic care that prevents hospital stays. There are more people ending up in the hospital because basic care was lacking. We have gotten too big because of insurance.

Obamacare can not be fixed. It was already broken.

If people insist on Universal Healthcare the only choice is an across the board everyone tax targeted for national self insurance controlled and run by your government who negotiate with various hospitals and healthcare providers who wish to do business with this national pool that our government and our tax dollars can afford to pay for. Set fees for set services. The government would also negotiate with a direct to patient drug costs from drug manufacturers. Eliminating the middle man in which the drug companies would hire Pharmacies to act as distributors in communities for percentage of sales for service. This would change the nature of business as we know it.
Compensation for medical error would be restored to reasonable compensation.  For the extremely wealthy they may still decide to be self insured through private insurance and private medical providers but they will still pay the tax based on income for UH and may use UH operations if they desire. Care will be borderless and drug purchasing will be borderless.

Plan B would involve return to what we had before Obamacare with regulations of drug patent reform, Malpractice reform and allowing for ala carte insurance policies, borderless insurance and drug buying as well. This is all to lower costs by eliminating comprehensive insurance coverage a buyer may not desire or need and increasing competition.  Hospitals and healthcare providers must post costs for basic services and procedures to give patients a clear idea of what each operation charges for care and if their co pay will be adequate to cover their out of pocket costs for elective care. Emergency care costs will be determined on a sliding scale based on the ability to pay without bankrupting the individual. This has been the way medical care was handled for years and years. The wealthy paid more, the poor paid less and it all equaled out.

Both systems are complicated but doable with a lot of work on the part of all involved. That is why unelected Hillary Clinton and her buddies held their Healthcare meeting that cost taxpayers over a million dollars and nothing came of it. No report, no ideas, nothing.

This requires a lot of detailed planning and thought and working with the existing healthcare operations some that cost millions of dollars to run. Children and adults today often suffer from more than one healthcare issue. We also have an increase in emergency healthcare.  This all costs millions and billions of dollars. There will be triage. Semi healthy workers will get top priority. So it will behoove people as time progresses to take charge of their healthcare and work to stay healthy by eating right, taking supplements, proper exercise and sun, not overindulging in rich foods, processed foods, liquor and illegal drugs. You have to take responsibility for your health regardless of which system you choose. There are pluses and minuses with both. Think carefully. And don't believe the dem rhetoric on anything. It's garbage and they have never read a bill even their own. Read them yourself and tell your legislators your ideas and what you want to get on board with for a lifetime. Because it will be for a lifetime. Your lifetime.

Remember if the word "act" is in it, it's just acting like a bill and it's a tax. Expect a big return or nothing.

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