Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2009 Glimpse of Things To Come

The Aftermath of this weeks elections served as a dress rehearsal for Conservatives and Liberals. It showed Conservatives that indeed the Tea Party Movement is far more widespread than the Liberal Press would have you believe and the Liberals learned that Conservatives are no longer going to be able to conduct business as usual.

The Republic Party learned they can lose elections by trying to appeal to Liberals through a more liberal choice and that success will be directly connected to backing only those candidates that represent truly conservative ideals.

Even the liberal press seemed less than unhappy about the outcome. The liberal press have seemed to realize through the heroic efforts of much attacked conservative pundits on Radio,TV and the Internet the insidiously evil agenda of the Obama Administration. And, hopefully unlike Hitler's Nazi Germany let's hope that this generation's "Dictator" want to be will be stopped in his tracks by an ever awakening populous AND press.

The future of our Republic, it's personal freedom and economic future are at stake here and if anything all Americans who love the American Dream should be energized by the results of the elections. Now keep on building that Fortress one brick at a time and before long like the slave Nehemiah we will rebuild the stronghold of our nation once again and be more than able to withstand and overcome all enemies against her both foreign and domestic.

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