Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Trashing of America

I remember when I was young a now classic commercial about littering and pollution. It was eloquently delivered with the closeup of one of my native American brothers with a single tear coming from his eye. He was weeping for this once pristine land. Today I feel the same eloquent closeup could be used by my brother while he would be standing in from of the White House, the Senate, the House, the streets of Detroit,the bombed and burning war front of our troops in Afganistan, and Iraq the long unemployment lines, the memorial service for our fallen Americans at Fort Hood.

Our apologizer and chief has told the rest of the country that we are evil greedy imperialists. That we deserve to suffer. We deserve to be impoverished. So much so that one American Soldier was influenced enough by an AlQueida Imam to kill his fellow soldiers in a most violent way. Now they are trying to justify this mad man's behavior because he wanted to be a conscienous objector and no one listened.
I wonder if the 442nd had those thoughts when they fought bravely in WWII. The 442nd was one of the most decorated units of it's size and length in the war. Many of these great hero's that survived came home to find their own homes and businesses gone, family members dead from disease in the camps and an America still biased against the color of their skin. And yet these proud Americans,these proud Americans went on to rebuild their lives in the country they fought so bravely for.

The absolute audacity of this administration to thumb their nose at all Americans, the will of it's people and it's Constitution and move forward a Socialistic Marxist agenda is the greatest act of Sedition by the largest body of government representatives in American History since the revolutionary war. This is the only "history" this administration is making.

I for one am fed up with this kind of trashing of America and it's brave American's. It is time to Clean House of these Seditious individuals setting fires and trying to burn our country down.

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