Sunday, November 22, 2009

Angry Mob Part Deux

Glenn comes to Fla land and what happens. An angry mob forms. Glenn has announced that the Angry Mob will form their own community oganizations,voter drives and candidates. If you can't get rid of them hire a good pest control company. Time to rid the vermon out of Washington. Glenn has become the Piped Piper. Village officials estimated the crowd at about 25 - 30,000 people. Liberal pundits have already tried to minimize the energy of the new patriot movements and the diversity of the crowds. They continue to refuse to see the massive growing loss of independents and conservative Democrats from Obama Mania. Sarah Palin continues to be marginalized by even conservative pundits like O'Reily. This blogger knows these underdogs will have the last laugh and be recorded in history as the spark that started the fire of revolution against the graft and corruption of the thug dictator and his crew. Washington elite should be afraid,very afraid.

Orlando is the first meet up. DC in August. I love when leadership goes viral.

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  1. Glenn Beck is awesome!! We need to clean up the trash and remove all the garbage from Washington. Picking respectable, honest patriots who represent the people instead of their own pocketbooks is a great idea.