Wednesday, December 9, 2009

There's Something Just Not Right Here

I recently watched the documentary Food Inc. and learned more about the way our food supply has changed and why I have been reading more and more about genetically altered food like this breed of chicken created without feathers to speed processing and also about the increase in food born illnesses. The FDA,the USDA and EPA have increasingly become led by lobbiests from the Agro business and this goes back through many administrations. The documentary featured some of the large corporate players like Monsanto creator of Agent Orange and now genetically engineered seed and breed stock and Tyson Foods a huge processor of meats. It explained that the biggest consumers of raw food materials are the fast food industrial giants and they in part direct the raw food industries directions. As technology and efficiency has increased the quality and safety of our food as declined. Monsanto's absolute control over it's seed stock and other genetically engineered products has become a monopoly of thugish proportions. Monsanto has created through our government's enabling a feudal control over American Farming and led to the killing of the small family owned farms. Even farmers that grow organically with heirloom seeds are subject to Monsanto's hold due to US Court judgements. This is a classic case of a real Monopoly situation that demands government intervention to protect the american consumer and yet is not only encouraged by our government but enabled to expand and supported by taxpayer dollars. How? Well placed former lobbiests head government regulatory agencies and huge political contributions from these companies control the industry in favor of these huge companies. The dangers created by the mechanization of our food production and genetic altering of food product impacts the health and welfare of every American. It seems to me this is truly where Healthcare Reform should be started. It should start at the source, with the food that we consume. Food born illinesses and the growing number of folks with morbid obesity and type 2 diabetes can be linked to the quality of the food we are eating. In order to bring food to plate at incredibly cheap prices should we compromise our food supply? We should carefully consider what exactly are we saving in the long run. I recommend every concerned American watch Food Inc. and make your own decision. The next time you go grocery shopping take time to read the labels and make choices that send a message to the food industry. Buying habits do make a difference. The Marketplace is a voting booth for the consumer everyday. Look at the changes from the use of Corn Syrup and Hydrogenated Oils. We need to take back our food supply and return control of food productions to the smaller farms. We need to care who we elect and what we buy. If we are willing to eat a little less and pay a little more we can make a more dramatic difference in the state of national health than any healthcare tax will ever do.

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