Friday, December 18, 2009

The Need for Solidarity

Conservatives of America unite. As much as we conservatives would like to deny it, we have a two party system. In order for Conservatives to remain as the captains of American's ship we have to come together to fight the enemy. Conservatives are by far better off than they have ever been due to the fact that the new Chairman of the Republican Party realizes the talents and gifts of each splinter movement and it's value in shaping the Republican Party back to it's conservative roots. Each splinter party has it's strengths that can as a group become the strongest force together for a government that returns to a representative body rather than a group of dictatorial far left elitists. Independents and Liberatarians offer thinking outside the box. Idea's outside the box can lead to creative solutions to tough problems. Tea Party groups offer a phenominal abilities in organization,activism and regeneration of common sense solutions that have long since been forgotten. Conservatives all want the same things. We want limited government, fiscal responsibility, strong national defense and personal freedom. The simple truth is united we win and divided we fall. I ask all splinter group parties to unite with the Republican Party and register as Republicans and participate. I ask the Republican party to choose candidates of these splinter groups when no strong core Republican Candidate is available. The far left has been using our divisions against us. It is time to stop playing their game and rewrite the rules to benefit all conservatives and in turn the future of America and her people. I ask the Republican Party core to rediscover and develop your Conservative roots. Together we can be the Whirlwind that cleans the Hill.

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