Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sen. Tom Coburn Next Republican Presidential Candidate

During the extensive health care tax debate I came to really become familiar with Oklahoma's Senator Tom Coburn. The more I saw the more I began thinking. Could this learned Senator and Doctor in practice be our next president? Even under attack by the left and in town meeting by an emotional vulnerable citizen Sen. Coburn seemed to have a master of his own ego and a balanced and clear mind to address situations of all kinds.

As a Republican House member during the Republican sweep Coburn kept his promise to run no more than three terms. He is known as a consistant Conservative.

He is feared by the left because of his speaking abilities back by a keen and educated mind. Video of his town meeting in which a distraught woman asked for help for her brain injured husband and his response was edited and editorialized to be another heartless Republican with no concern for people. In reality the first thing he said was I will help you and I will take all the resources at my disposal through my position as public servant to help you. He was even mocked by CNN for that with the anchor stating well isn't that government? No, that's a man offering help. The senator went on to state the truth. Government is not and can not be the solutions to all of our responsibilites. Again they characterized this as heartless. It would be heartless to lead this woman on that the government was her Messiah. We have one in the White House already doing that and folks are getting their faith crushed. He was lambasted by the media and the left senators for making the statement that folks pray senators don't make it for the vote for the Health Tax Bill. They painted a picture that the Senator wished ill upon Senators of advanced years. It was more than obvious he was expressing the desperation of the vote. Save some one not show up on the left the Health Tax Bill would be forced on the American Public with no regard for their will. These contrived attacks are proof to me they fear this man's abilities to make complex issues simple and clear to the American Public and inform them of the true meaning behind the Obama Administrations push for absolute domination of the American People.

Coburn is a practicing doctor,a small businesss owner,a seasoned legislator,a prudent and thoughtful man who understands what being a public servant is all about. Isn't that someone we would want leading the country? Take a look at this man and see if you see the potential I see for great leadership. I'm not a Oklahoma resident and I think this fellow bears some consideration.

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