Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why Does This One Issue Matter So Much?

The constant spector of doubt has followed Obama throughout his presidency. Is he a natural born citizen? Does he qualify and satisfy the basic requirements to hold the hightest office in the land. His supporters in the journalism field say surely if it were not true someone would have proved it otherwise ignoring the fact that Obama has spent millions of tax dollars on a team lawyers to prevent this issue from reaching trial and requiring him to produce an actual real original birth certificate.

A friend of mine was going on a cruise and told me he was going to make sure his passport was up to date. He told me in order to get one you had to fill out a lot of forms and supply them not only with the original birth certificate but the official papers filed with his state and it cost around 100 dollars because they also completed a background check confirming everything. HMMMM

The reason this issue is so important is how can we trust someone to hold the highest office in the land and weld that kind of power knowing they are willing to lie and deceive the American taxpayer on the smallest of requirements risking the laws , treaties and what not good bad or indifferent to be capable of being null and void when the truth comes out. This shows this person does not think the American people are too smart and not worthy of respect. It also shows that they think they are above the law of the land and they are entitled to the position without meeting the barest requirements. And I say anyone helping this person his also not a friend of America and also not worthy of holding any office.

How can we think this person really loves our country and it's peoples if they do not respect it? That is why this one issue is so important and hopefully will be finally addressed and answered in the next election.

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