Sunday, January 16, 2011

Help Wanted: President of the United States

As election 2012 rapidly approaches I the employer of the United States President thought I would write my want ad for the position soon to be vacated by the dramatically unqualified and incompetent previous employee. The following is my ad.
Wanted. Candidate for the position of President of the United States of America.
Equal opportunity employer.
Military Experience perferred. If not would prefer they have children and or immediate family in the military. Duties will include Commander and Chief of all National Defense Services.
Small or Large Business experience with Management or Ownership duties preferred.
Good fiscal personal history preferred. In other words no history of bankrupties,tax dodges,liens, home foreclosures etc.
College not necessary but common sense preferred.
State College experience preferred over private college.
Must provide actual birth certificate for proof of citizenship.
Must pass a lie detector test when responding to personal history questions as related to their resume.
Must pass a drug and alcohol test.
Would prefer person of strong spiritual faith attending church regularly and praying daily. I trust a leader who spends most of their time on their knees to God.
Respects the right of American Citizens to be fully armed and ready to defend themselves , their homes and their country from enemies foreign and domestic. We love and respect our police and military but there is not enough of them to protect all of us 24/7, nor could we afford to pay for that kind of security.
Must have read and understood the founding father documents.
Understands the difference between a Republic and a Marxist government.
Believes the primary job of the President is to provide national defense and nothing more.
Returns the dollar back to the Gold standard and eliminates the federal reserve board and their power over our money and economy.
Eliminates all taxes except a federal and state sales tax of no more than 10 percent on all things bought and sold except, food,RX,fuel,housing and materials for resell. Any raising of send taxes would go to a public vote with a specific need spelled out and a time limit applied.
Believes foreign aid is best left to the private sector.
Believes domestic aid should be to the elderly in need,infirm in need,widows and orphans in need. Believes in eliminating unemployment pay and thus eliminates the costs of unemployment insurance payments for business thus allowing them to hire more people.
In turn without the crutch the unemployed will be quicker to return to the working world.
Believes that America should stop being the World police and closes half of the bases around the world and takes those troops to guard our borders and provide new economies and jobs for border towns across the US.
Must be proud of America, Americans, the Military,American products,God and Country.
Member of the boy or girl scouts,4H or YMCA would be a plus.
Grew up in a secure intact family themselves preferred.
Has a real world work history in the business sector and not in government or government subsided positions.
Believes the chief and only right Americans have is the right to freedom. All other things in our world we have the freedom to pursue for ourselves.
All those interested apply in person at your local office of elections.

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