Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pre State of the Union Address

Well the lefty media has been spinning for the last week that Obama's actions over the past two has saved America from an economic disaster. They spin his approval rating is back up to 50 percent because of his tingly up a leg speech at the not so thinly veiled political rally moment at the so called memorial service complete with T shirts. I ask again how stupid do they think we are folks. The only stupid people I see are in the legislature who are buying into the idea that we who voted in conservatives to stop this train to socialism care about bipartisanship and Kumbayah moments with the Marxist Socialists in power. The best statement these new folks can make is what I would do if I was representing myself in the grand hall and that is not show up at all to give respect to a poser and pathological liar. The only reason they are talking civility is they are running scared and they are reaching for straws to hang on to the power they covet and keep rolling their agenda of taking all the money we make and stuffing it into their pockets. They care nothing for you and me. Nothing. Hawaii vacations, lavish parties with Human Rights violators tell you anything folks? The only "civil" conservatives should be showing is civil disobedience. Make no mistake this is a fight and these folks are going to try to reinvent themselves and their image but the core of these folks has not changed and neither has their agenda. Their policies,agendas and people need to go and their lies and lawbreaking need to be exposed. I ask those that we voted in to boycott the address. If you feel compelled to attend don't sit with these folks that is showing agreement with their agenda. And I ask all Americans with half a brain to boycott watching or listening to the address to send a message that we do not support this poser or his agenda and we do not believe his spin or lies along with his crocodile tears. Record job losses, bank failures, home forclosures, bankrupties and overspending on credit cards at Christmas do not indicate an economic upturn. It does not take an economist to see this message on the wall. Just look at all of the fast food joints with their new and improved dollar menus and the number of sit down restaurant chains closing their doors or coming up with 10 dollar meals. Look at the jacked up prices on groceries and fuel and property taxes. Don't waste your time listening to lies in an effort to make yourself feel a little less scared. Get off your duff and follow up on those you voted in and tell them not to show up. Don't give this poser a platform. Don't help these folks. Represent us like you promised. Stop playing their game. Job one stop the train first.

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  1. Great post! The libs only use the "civility" argument because they are getting creamed in the arena of ideas. Their is inflation and the unemployment rate is still above 9 percent. Obama has done a horrible job with the economy. There has not been a recovery. Obama needs to be voted out of office in 2012.