Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reading Skills Program for Washington Politicians

As a citizen I am deeply, deeply concerned with the reading skills of our Congress, Senate and the President and his staff. I see a need for a reading and writing skills exam for all. Perhaps a program such as Hooked on Phonics could be purchased to improve their skills.
In their defence, Barney Frank is pictured here in his regular reading circle and I believe he has made it to the purple group after just one year of diligent practice.
Also President Obama has taken to regular magazine reading.
He has in fact purchased books for Congress to practice their reading skills. The new book series is written in easy to understand language and has positive stories to encourage reading.
I think they may be successful in creating that positive environment for literacy among those governing us in Washington. If you are interested in obtaining these books for your senators or congressmen check out the following website.

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