Monday, July 20, 2009

Nobody cares for Obama Care

Given the choice the members of the Senate would not choose Obamacare over their current golden healthcare. The majority of the American people have voiced they don't want socialized medicine or Obamacare. Obama in the mean time is scared to death that he will fail to covert more power to the government over the American people's lives and he is playing hard ball with his folks to push his plan or he will dig dirt on them. And frankly he could do it with a rake. Even the dems are realizing the American people are not happy with the outcome of their speedy bills,spending of money we don't have,printing of more worthless dollars to cover and weekly half a million job loss we have had since they took over. They also know that we know Obama lies and lies to get his way, but the American People are not buying the lies anymore. Most folks are happy with the healthcare insurance they have now. Most Americans know that healthcare is not a right. America is about freedom and the right to make your own way to prosperity. The Elite don't like that. They don't want the common man to become one of them. It's scary. So now they are working hard through Obama to make this a colony once again. To make us slaves again. They will keep us healthy enough to work and when we can't work anymore they will let us die. It's that simple.

Health care reform needs a handful of changes. They would include the following:
1. Curb malpractice lawsuits to reasonable compensation. Eliminate class action suits.
2. Reduce the cost and hurdles for drug companies to approve a drug.
3. Give tax incentives to drug companies that develop cures even if they can't patent them.
4. Reduce and simplify government regulation & paperwork for insurance companies and hospitals.
5. Allow insurance companies to sell insurance packages that are ala carte. You pay for what you need.
6. Take social security funds out of the general fund. No longer pay out social security to people who did not pay in or have a spouse that paid into the fund.
7. Take the Tarp Money payback and place those funds into Social Security and Medicare funds.
8. Give tax breaks to retailers who create quick clinics with their pharmacies that offer Nurse Practician care for common issues that require simple care at a low cost.

These few changes would dramatically change the cost of healthcare insurance and make it affordable and available to all. And most of all it would keep the Feds out of our freedom and our lives.

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