Monday, July 20, 2009

Is Another Moon Mission Just a Tower of Babel?

Back in the 1960's the Apollo Space mission cost the American people 20 billion dollars back in the day when a dollar was worth a dollar. It too was a distraction for the American public so they would not pay attention to their government not providing our troops with the tools to win the war. Today's NASA budget is 20 Billion A YEAR. What does NASA do? Fix satellites in space, fix the Hubble, and send out remote rovers to Mars. Now some could make an argument that through the space program we have developed advanced technology.Here's comes the but. But considering today's lack of money, a new mission to the Moon is nothing but a tool to distract the American public once again from watching what the thugs in DC are doing and has no practical and earthly use. NASA if anything should be privatized and paid for by the satellite companies that use their services. Free market should determine the future of space exploration. NASA is our Tower of Babel and if it had been in the private sector these last 30 years it would have probably been shut down for lack of real product. By pushing NASA into the real world of business that demands results maybe real innovation and technological advancement could occur. I think it is real pathetic they are hauling out the old test pilots that maned the crates in space to promote reviving this dead horse. But hey, they are the same folks retreading HillaryCare and AlGore Environmental Terrorism.

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