Monday, July 20, 2009

Hey The Tin Foilers May Be Right

The attention to Obama's natural born citizenship is beginning to gain momentum and coverage in more of the mainstream news and conservative talk radio shows. Could it be that his current drop in ratings are making impeachment look attractive to the Dem engine that put him into office? Could it be the news dogs are being abused themselves by the Obama admin and they are finally grabbing a clue? Folks are worried about who will run the country if he is removed. I would think all who participated in the fraud will be arrested as co conspirators and would be subject to prosecution and federal prison time. This would include the VP, the Senate, the Congress, the Obama Cabinet, Acorn etc. The military, like in Honduras, would be brought in to run things until new elections could be arranged. Well it would be one way to clean house and reduce the debt. We would no longer be paying for their benefits and salary. For more info from my favorite tin hats go to:

update 9/12

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