Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Job Security

Obama is talking tough to the legislature branch of our government that they WILL pass a national health care government program or they will be sent home without their supper or desert. Guys, Gals you can take him. He's a paper tiger and there is more of you than him even with his hired Czar deputies. Go Bonanza on him and remind him it's the legislative branch that is supposed to hold the power. Have the same brass ones you show when you are accused of missdoings and tell this dude you'd rather get reelected rather than go down with his sinking ship of fools. And after all, in what other country could you make a very nice living without having to raise a sweat or have any real skills? Why mess things up for yourself. Tell him to take a flying leap or you will ask him for his proof of citizenship. Just say No to Obamacare.

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