Saturday, September 19, 2009

Reducing Healthcare Costs Not Rocket Science

The first thing you need to know is you DO NOT WANT THE GOVERMENT TO TAKE CARE OF OF YOUR HEALTHCARE. Just ask any senior on Medicaid, any military person on Tricare,anyone from Ted Kennedy's state,any governor from any state that has tried some of the Obamacare solutions,Canadians,British Nurses,British nationals who became US Citizens, or Cubans. Next you need to know Obama's numbers of uninsured are bogus. You know this because they started out with quoting 50 and then downsizing to 20 M at the latest. The actual number is around 5 percent of the population with about 1% that really need it or want it. You need to know that it is law that emergency rooms take everyone and that includes those without healthcare insurance. EMT's will tell you how many indigent they tranport to emergency for colds, flus and the like. They get a ride,short wait times and state of the art trauma care that includes a physical and drugs. The cost of this is offset by the very wealthy with the premium insurance and generous hospital donations. The wealthy, even before the insurance, have always directly and indirectly subsidized healthcare for the poor and working classes. Walk through any community hospital and you will find it was built by a wealthy businessperson and specialty care units have a long lists of public contributors. So biting the hands that care for us through taxation of successful and productive citizens is to say the least idiotic. Single bills that can achieve medical health care costs revolve around a few key issues that the lawyer heavy legislative and executive branch are really fighting. I'm speaking of "Tort Reform." If we simply went back to reasonable compensation for malpractice and eliminated class action suits in which trial lawyers make the bulk of the money (While drug companies that bear the expense of drug developement,government red tape and FDA testing and paperwork are sued out of business) we could reduce costs dramatically. The other bill we need to create is a bill placing Social Security and Medicare monies in the "LOCK BOX" that Al "Environmental Terrorist"Gore did not come through with during his VP. EVERY YEAR there is a Social Security surplus that since LBJ has been placed into General Funds (DISCRETIONARY SPENDING) and pilfered away on Pork for folks to get re elected in their districts. Health care costs have risen and their mad money is becoming smaller so they thought they would reduce healthbenefits on our hard working seniors to fill their pockets. They don't give a flying rat's posterior about your health. They want the money. Prevent them from their continued money grab and place it in a lock box and only those that put in can take out.

Simply don't buy into the rhetoric of care and concern and sob stories of the poor old lady who had her health insurance canceled. She had it canceled cause these fools have made it impossible for health care to be lower in cost because they will not control Malpractice and class action suits and government over regulations. Tell your representative you want NO BILL of any kind that creates Government Run Healthcare. The Government has already Bankrupt itself, don't let it do it to you and kill ya to boot.

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