Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why all the Czars?

Listening to a guest talk radio host I heard him hit the nail on the head with regard to why all the Czars in the Obama Administration. Why? they will never go before the legislature for review. Not that they would not be rubber stamped in, but that their backgrounds are never presented to the American public. None of his appointed Czars would even pass a basic FBI security check. What is even more crazy is the mainstream press, with the exception of Fox News, is even reporting anything about these people that is leading to their resignations and removal. All they are doing is putting down blogs and the internet as the disinformation evil. If the internet was so bad, why do they all have blogs,websites,twitter pages and also follow many of we conservative tweets and blogs? Could it be they hate getting scooped or outdone in the areas of research and digging for facts?
The internet has become the greatest tool of today's patriot revolutionaries and like the early printing press of our forefathers will be a crucial tool in gaining our independence from this opressive regime. We have to fight to preserve this freedom of our press. And we need to continue informing fellow Americans those things in which the Obama Administration want to hide and pay for with our tax dollars.

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